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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Serious Dose of Home Envy

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I'm one of those nosy people that drive or walk past houses and stare in through the windows, curious to get a closer look at the decor and styling.

Oh look I don't go right UP to the windows and peek in or anything as completely insane as that, but I often put my neck out trying to get a good squizz from the road.

I suffer from home envy... which is a very legitimate condition I'll have you know.

Its not that I am ungrateful for the lovely home that I have, it's just that I can't help but drool over other people's beautiful homes.

I pour over home magazines, real estate catalogues and I have been tempted on more than one occasion to knock on the door of a particularly gorgeous home and ask for a tour.

I have been tempted... I haven't actually been insane enough to do it ....yet.

This past weekend during my usual Saturday morning drool session, I turned the pages of the Manly Daily Real Estate Guide and came upon this stunning home for sale here

Its not so much the style of the house or even the decorating that took my breath away. Although it is very beautiful. See for yourself

Gorgeous isn't it. But it wasn't those particular pictures that evoked such a strong reaction from me.

Nope, it was this...

Holy shitballs - would you just look at that space!

They call it a 'parents retreat' in the ad but I would be calling it my final resting place because if that insanely awesome space existed in my home - cause I would NEVER EVER come out!

It has a bathroom and an office, a living room and a bedroom all in one heavenly wing. The only thing I couldn't see was a bar fridge and cocktail shaker, although I am pretty sure it must be in there somewhere.

Bloody hell - can you imagine?

Can you?

Do you suffer from home envy? Are you a curious sticky beak?