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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Course Correcting

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Sometimes life sees you heading off in a certain direction and then somewhere along the way you go "Huh?" and realise you aren't where you are supposed to be, or that where you are wasn't really in the road map you had carefully planned out.

Sometimes spontaneous diversion is totally awesome.... and other times not so much and the need for a little course correcting is in order.

These past few weeks I have found myself travelling in a direction that wasn't ever really part of my master plan when I quit the Corporate world last year.

Once again I was letting the act of making money take up a lot of extra time, time that I should be spending with my family. Given the events of recent weeks with my Dad, I know that time is far too precious to not spend it with the people I love.

I have also been letting some people in my life take advantage of my inability to say no and in my usual quest to please others I was being roped into doing 'stuff' that I really needn't be doing.

I was starting to get shitty with everything and even shittier with everyone and the whole time that I was being swept along on this shitty shitty path, I had the power to STOP and well ...just stop!

And so I did.

This Easter break I spent time with my family. I switched off from Social media, I didn't answer my phone and apart from the absolutely necessary commitments, I just did things that I wanted to do.

I painted the laundry and I lunched with my family. I had coffee with my Mum and Dad and I baked them a pie. Holy Shitballs I baked a pie!

I went to the Easter Show and ate far too many Cheese on a Stick and let the kids buy way too many lolly show bags and consequently get extremely hyper.

I took a walk on the beach with my hubby and my boys and avoided looking at the time.

I sat on my ass and crocheted and watched copious amounts of reality TV.

Maybe life has a way of forcing you off course every now and then so that you are forced to stop and reassess and make a conscious decision to change directions if necessary.... or not. Whatever works for you.

Some people would call it 'getting your act together' but I think Course Correcting kind of sums it up a bit better.

How are you travelling?
Is life and the people in it letting you go in the direction you want to go?