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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Can You Hear It?

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Can you hear it?

That big collective sigh of relief that school is back.

Is it the sound of vacuums and washing machines and commercial grade cleaning equipment that you can hear... or is that just the noise from our place?

Alright, I admit, I probably waved goodbye a little more enthusiastically than a mother should at Kiss and Drop this morning.

Heck, I even let someone cut in front of me whilst I was waiting in line.

Where I would normally be silently mouthing "YOU SUCK" to the pusherinerers and hoping they can lip read in the rear view mirror, today I just smiled serenely in the knowledge and relief that clearly someone was even more eager to deposit their children at school than I was.

I did not care that I was coming home to the mammoth task of de-schoolholidaying the house.

I did not weep at the state of my youngest sons bedroom.

I did not bat an eyelid as I dragged bagfuls of lolly wrappers out from under beds.

The sight of the 5 baskets full of dirty washing did not even crease my brow.....

Actually that last one is not entirely true... a small moan of pain may have escaped from my lips... but I recovered. Very quickly.

Even the dogs seemed relieved and quickly assumed their positions on the couch where they fell into an exhausted coma.

I would kind of like to be able to tell you how sorry I am that the school holidays have come to an end, but I wont, because that would make me one hell of a liar.

You and I both know I am overjoyed.

I guess there is a part of me who is not so thrilled to be returning to early mornings, lunches and homework.

But hey I'll get over it...

There I already am.

For now though I am going to enjoy the lack of noise, soak up the order that has been restored and shove those dogs over for a spot on the couch.

To all the teachers in the world - THANK YOU! You deserve your weight in top shelf Vodka!

How about you? Relieved or sad at the end of the holidays?