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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway Number 1 - Winner Takes All!

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Well howdy lovely people and Happy Saturday to you. I'm always a little excited when I have a bunch of fabulous goodies teamed up from a bunch of fabulous brands to give away to a lucky fabulous winner. Geez that's a whole lot of fabulous in one fabulous sentence for a weekend.... I need to slow down on the coffee... or the burritos... or both.

So I have split the Mother's Day Giveaway into two giveaways this month because I have these grand illusions of being Oprah-flipping-Winfrey and giving all the mum readers of my blog a new car or something equally as extravagant for Mother's Day.

But sadly for you ... and me for that point, I don't have cars to give away and I am no Oprah Winfrey. But I do have lots of awesome prizes up for grabs and so I wanted to spread the love a little.

With that said - welcome to the 1st Mothers Day Giveaway for the month and as is the way with my giveaways - the winner takes all!

Let's do this!


When the new Blue Illusion Autumn Winter catalogue landed in my inbox, my heart literally skipped a beat or three. Every single look was oozing with style and sophistication and bursting with my fave winter fashion colours of textured greys and charcoal and teals. 

See there goes my heart again banging away like a jack hammer in my chest cavity.

With 107 Blue Illusion Boutiques scattered throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as an online store pretty much everyone can enjoy in their gorgeous clothing and accessories.

There is another reason I have such a soft spot for these guys - apart from their beautiful clothing of course. You see Blue Illusion is a business with one mighty big conscience and every year they donate around $500 thousand dollars annually to a number of different charities including World Vision, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Dress for Success, Bali Life, Red Cross Australia and Smith Family.

My heart is totally thumping again.

You can follow the Blue Illusion Blog L'Edition here to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in looks and make sure you hook up with their Facebook Page here too.

The very VERY generous team at Blue Illusion would like to give this month's lucky mum a $500 voucher to spend on a heart thumping shopping spree online. I think I may need to lie down....


How many gorgeous photos do you have on your computer hard drive that you look at and say "I am SO going to put that picture on a canvas"... and then you don't because well you didn't know how or didn't get around to it or insert a million other excuses here.

Canvas Printers Online make it so easy for you to actually get those images onto a canvas and onto your wall  - there is pretty much no more effort than a couple of clicks and then a little hammer action when your artwork arrives.

Their interactive website allows you to preview your image on different sized canvases AND you can even preview it on different walls and settings.... perfect for someone like me who needs to be able to visualise things before I make any decisions. Don't stop with just one canvas, I say "hell yeah" - go totally nuts and create a gallery wall with print of all different shapes and sizes.

These guys use top quality printing processes on top quality canvases and will deliver to anywhere in Australia for just $16.44 per delivery. It takes about 5-10 days from the moment you submit your order to having your new artwork in your hands.

BAM no more excuses.

I won't say they will be on your wall because you could be like me and have those gorgeous canvases sitting somewhere waiting to go up for quite a while... but they will be there waiting and that totally counts!

The gang at Canvas Printers would like to give our lucky winning mum a 50cm x 40cm canvas with free delivery - worth $169. Our memories and forgotten photos are thanking you very much Canvas Printers!


I've already told you this week just how desperately I am clinging to the remnants of summer. I'm just not ready to let it go yet and I am like a kinder kid clinging to the legs of her mum.... except I am 40 and Summer has no legs, but whatever.

Thankfully because of gorgeous companies like Sunny Jim, we don't have to say bye bye to Summer just yet... OK that's a lie as we do have to say bye to Summer because well the Universe and Mother Nature and all the big Kahunas say you have to.

BUT we can carry around a gorgeous brightly coloured beach bag and make up bag in a fabulous Copacabana print and PRETEND like it is still summer.

Sunny Jim bags and sun shades are Australia designed and just about to go global - which is insanely awesome as I love seeing Aussie companies kick major international butt.

The Sunny Jim gang are a team of professional beach go-ers, and have brought us the totally funky, practical, lightweight and UPF 50+ ‘ultimate sunshade’. They also have a fabulous range of beach bags and make up bags in fun summer loving colours to help us sun lovers have that awesome Summer vibe all year round.

I think I love these guys.

I have a funky Sunny Jim Copacabana Beach Bag and Make up bag set valued at $105 for the lucky winner... if I can be convinced to let it go. I may just come attached to it. You've been warned!

ONEFLARE is the quickest way to hire trusted local services, saving you time and money. You can find cleaners, gardeners, plumbers, pet groomers and loads more services!

With over 40,000 registered businesses Australia-wide, Oneflare is Australia’s leading local services website that gets you quotes fast from reviewed businesses in your area.

It's as easy as this - You post a job for free and then you will receive competitive quotes fast from trusted local businesses, along with their profile and past customer reviews. All that's left to do then is simply hire the one that suits you best!

      Check out their NEW iPhone App, featuring Oneflare Scrapbooks – a place to browse and collect inspiring home design ideas for your next home project. You can plan out your dream home and then hire the best professionals to turn that dream into a reality, all in one place! 

You can download the app here.

      Visit the Oneflare website to see the full range of services available to hire.

To celebrate the launch of their new app, Oneflare is giving our lucky winner a $100 voucher that can be spent hiring any of the services available. I'm thinking house clean, or window cleaning or.... wait I can't win damnit! :(

So picture this - you are lucky enough to score a brand new iPad for Mother's Day and whilst you are off getting your toenails attended to or something as equally as luxurious, your kids get hold of it and during a particularly mad Fruit Ninja frenzy, they drop it and smash your iPad to smithereens. 

Dramatic much? 

Yep! Trust me it happens!

Or how about when the kids beg you to use your new iPad for their school presentation but somewhere between taking it in one piece to school and having it arrive home safely - it gets broken, smashed, knocked off or all of the above? 

It also happens!

The Kensington SafeGrip Security Case and Lock has everything you need to secure your iPad  from theft while also protecting it from the kind of abuse that our kids so freely dish out. 

The SafeGrip has a built-in ClickSafe® Security Anchor that secures to the included ClickSafe lock in a click with no keys and no fiddling. And to help protect your iPad against damage, the SafeGrip wraps the iPad in a tough, padded case built to fend off the dreaded drops, dings and bumps.The case doubles as a handy two-position stand for viewing and typing with a stylus holder because a stylus is good idea to reduce screen smudges and scratching.

Seriously if you own an iPad and you have kids - you NEED one of these.

Lucky for the winner of this competition - cause you are going to win one. The fabulous people at Kensington have offered up a SafeGrip Security Case and Lock valued at $99.95 for our winning mum so you can go and enjoy that toe nail pampering knowing your precious iPad is safe.

Alrighty, so now you know what fabulous goodies are up for grabs - just under $1000 bucks worth to be precise - it's time to get entering.

Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter Widget below and leave me a comment telling me about your most precious Mum Moment - it could be about you as a Mum or about your Mum?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open now and closes 18/04/14 at 7pm AEST.
This competition is open to Australian Residents Only Sorry
The winner will be chosen on creativity and prizes will be sent directly to you from the participating companies. Please see the Rafflecopter Widget for full terms and conditions.

Keep your eye out towards the end of this month for another Mother's Day Giveaway including a HUGE haul from Howards Storage World.