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Thursday 22 May 2014

Make Your Own Linen Spray

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I'm being forced to pull the purse strings in again. 

I have to, we are about to enter a busy time of the year where we are smashed by birthdays and bills and I have to be all responsible and grown up like and stop spending money on frivolous things.

Problem is I really like frivolous things. I like to waste money on little bits and pieces for our home that look good and smell good and make me smile. 

Like Linen spray.

Yep, you read that right. Linen spray is one of those things that makes me go all *insert goofy crossed eyes* "mmmmm that smells good". 


Whatever turns you on right?

So I emptied the last of my Crabtree and Evelyn Linen spray the other day and instead of buying more I resigned myself to making my own cheapskates version. In actual fact - this was the easiest thing to make like EVER and I think my version smells better than the shop bought one so Slap me Silly and Call me Billy - Martha Mudguts for the win! 

I recycled a Murchison and Hume Spray bottle that had also run out *sob*. I am ashamed to admit that I am such a sucker for packaging, so the key for me to be happy with a DIY creation is to use a bottle that I love and am happy to have on display.

I three quarters filled the bottle with water and added about 10 drops of Green Tea & Lemongrass Oil. I adore that stuff and could sniff it till the cows come home.

See! What did I tell you - easy as!

Actually I feel like a bit of a fraud because its that easy. Like I should be steeping tea and crushing lemon grass instead.

Of course you can add any fragrance you like to it and you don't need to just use it on your clean linen either. I like to spray it on the couch and bed spreads too.

I told you - I like nice smelly stuff!

A lavender mix is perfect for beds and my boys used to have a bottle of that with an anti nightmare spray label on it and we would spray it on their pillow before they went to sleep.

I've decided to make a whole batch of this stuff up as I'm thinking it is the perfect hostess gift to give or little pressie for your kid's teachers come Christmas. You could even co-ordinate it with your DIY Candles for fragrance layering.

Nice one Martha!

Just make sure you give it a shake before you spray to make sure the oil is mixed well.

I am going to be busy trying to make my own DIY versions of cleaning and homey products over the next few weeks so I can save some more bucks and I will share any of the successful ones with you :)

I have already made some DIY air fresheners which you can check out here if you are interested.

Happy sniffing lovelies.

What's your guilty pleasure you buy for your home? Could you make it instead?