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Friday 23 May 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hop - The Remarkably Unremarkable Week That Was

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There are some weeks that are kind of  "meh", you know uneventful and nothing really memorable about them. Just as there are some weeks that suck big time and you feel like the universe and everyone in it is conspiring to drive you completely insane.

And then there are weeks that are remarkable for no specific reason. Kind of remarkable for being unremarkable if you know what I mean. A run of relaxed days that leave you with a feeling of content and joy and gratitude that you are you and this life is yours.

I have had one of those remarkable weeks and as I write this post I feel relaxed and positive and sooooo incredibly grateful for.... well pretty much everything really.

Yep I am feeling THAT damn good.

Slap me now!

After starting the week with a funeral, one could be excused for expecting that the next few days would be sort of crappy. In actual fact they turned out to be as far from crappy as you can possibly get.

This past week for me has been full of surprise opportunities. Exciting new projects that are bubbling away and beautiful slow days where I have simply pottered around doing stuff, attending to stuff and just organising stuff in a totally non urgent way.

No rushing and no stressing. Just quiet pottering.

So NOT crappy.

For the first time in a long time, I feel back in control of things. I didn't even realise just how out of control I have been feeling lately until I had a week of calm to gain some much needed perspective.

We are over all the bugs and lurgies (touch wood) and I'm on top of things work wise. The kids are happy, the hubby is a lovable hunk and the laundry baskets are empty.

I'm in control and for me the feeling of being in control brings with it a sense of freedom and a lightness to the way I can move through my day.

Seriously, even the dogs were looking at me like they were thinking "WHO is this impostor?"

Now you know I am relaxed when a whole week goes by that my head doesn't spin around and I go psycho at stupid little stuff. I mean even the awful woman who cut me off at Kiss and Drop and stuck her finger up at me in front of her young daughter and my boys, was not worthy of me working up a sweat.

I know right! I'm not sure who was more surprised at my lack of reaction - the boys or me!

It is usually when I have some free time on my hands that I end up taking on a whole load of extra work or over committing myself to random things. I say yes to everything and everyone, start panicking and then suddenly I find that the lightness is gone and I have morphed back into a complete stress head again.

This week was different.

I was determined to keep the calm and I made a conscious effort to pause before I responded to requests for anything that required my time. Even better is that after I paused, more often than not I ended up saying no.

No is my weakness that I have been working on lately and holy shit balls, I can actually do it.

I can say no and I can say it without feeling wracked with guilt afterwards.

Kind of...

Progress people. This is BIG progress.

And so today was all about wagging. I skipped work in favour of ending the week lunching with a couple of gorgeous girlfriends. We sat in the sun with our wine, ate good food, gossiped, shared the stuff in our heads and laughed. Man did we laugh. It was truly the most perfect way to end a remarkably perfect week.

Carefree and loving life at the moment you guys. It is such an awesome feeling.

I truly wish that feeling for everyone.

How has your week been?
Are you any good are you at saying No or are you a bit of an amateur like me?

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