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Thursday 1 May 2014

The Anti Bitch Revolution

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Is there anything uglier than a bitchy jealous snarky woman?


After dealing with a couple of these types of women in the past week both socially and at work, I've been forced to pull my anti bitch armour out of the closet.

And then to add fuel to the fire in my belly - last night as I was watching RHO Melbourne, right there on my TV screen in my bedroom were those evil two cows Lydia and Andrea carrying on in exactly the same way towards Gina.

I don't get it - what makes women behave in such a way? It's not cool, it doesn't make you look good or better than anyone else. In fact it's kind of like wearing a big post it note on your forehead that says in capitals "I'M INSECURE WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM"

How can one behave like that and then sleep at night?

Or don't they sleep? Do they spend their nights hating on people and plotting how to be even more nasty and narcissistic or how to make someone that they may be feeling a little jealous of feel like crap?

As much as I love the show, I'm kind of hoping that RHO Melbourne is a bit scripted and that those woman are being paid to carry on like a bunch of psychotic pork chops.

Sadly though, these type of women really do exist.

They are out there mingling among the normal and genuinely kind people, just waiting for an opportunity to get their claws into some poor unsuspecting sucker.

They are the ones throwing in snide patronising comments that are loaded with the intent to humiliate during group conversations.

They are the ones who carry on and giggle like a couple of teenage twerps at the expense of someone else.

They are the ones who are quick to attack someone or cut them down if they seem to be enjoying any kind of success.

They are the ones who conduct their business in an unethical way and don't care who gets hurt or what an arse they look like when they walk all over everyone.

They are the ones who makes other women feel like utter shit and then find it amusing.

They are the ones who blatantly lie, connive and are so damn arrogant that you want to slap them across their hairy upper lip and fill their nostrils with NADs.

HELL YES, in case you haven't notice I've got my ranty pants on today because quite frankly I am so sick and tired of these kind of women getting away with this repulsive behaviour towards others.

I for one am tired of not standing up for myself or someone else because I'm afraid of retaliation or I want to avoid conflict. I'm guessing it is BECAUSE of people like me who let these bitchy women get away with it that they continue to behave that way.

Well F### it I say!

I've had enough.

From now on I am going to call these women on it when I see it - whether it is directed at me or someone else. I think we all need to do this and use our voices to tell these bitchy bullies of all ages just how ugly their behavior is.

Are you with me?
Are you sick of being hurt or seeing others hurt by jealous bitchy women?
Have you had to deal with one lately?