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Monday 26 May 2014

A Quick & Easy Washi Tape Project

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Sometimes my Martha Mudguts alter ego goes all feral inside of my head. 

She starts chucking felt balls and washi tape all over the joint before holding me at ransom with a loaded hot glue gun and insisting on being let out immediately to craft some shit. 

It's usually when I am supposed to be doing my BAS, meeting a deadline or folding the 7 baskets of washing on my dining table that Martha likes to make an appearance. Some would call it inconvenient, but I prefer to think of her timing as conveniently inconvenient. Whatever. 

I can always count on an appearance from mad Martha to satisfy my hunger for a juicy proCRAFTination project. 

I have a box full of paper-mache letters and numbers in my craft cupboard.


I have a mountain of paper-mache letters in my craft cupboard which are breeding like rabbits. Seriously - I think those paper-mache shapes are having sex in there or something because every time I look there are more of them.

I have no idea when this addiction started, but it has been brought to my attention that every time I spot them in a craft store or $2 shop, I start bundling them up in my trolley like they are Almond Magnums on a red light special.

You can never have to many of them... Almond Magnums that is. But apparently you can have too many paper mache letters and numbers.

The only thing that rivals my paper-mache breeding program is the washi tape. Man that stuff multiplies quickly. Now combine all this crafty randiness with my ongoing devotion to ampersands and things are starting to get out of control here people.

Martha insisted this project was necessary to control the paper epidemic that is threatening to invade my office.

I was all "Who am I to argue with you Martha? Pour me a vodka and let's get to it."

About 20 minutes from start to finish - that's all it took. Martha was satisfied and went quietly back to her corner and I had myself a cute little ampersand thingy that does absolutely nothing, but gave me something to admire whilst I got on with what I was supposed to be doing in the first place.

What's your weakness? 
Do you have a collection that you never actually set out to collect?