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Wednesday 28 May 2014

I Mean Who'd Have Thunk it?

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First of all can I just start by saying I KNOW THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS THUNK MUM.....

But something really exciting happened this week at Casa de Hiccups.

Something that had you mentioned this to me even less than a year ago I would have laughed at you, run off and changed my pants and then come back and laughed at you some more. Because you see it seems that this shy anxiety ridden nut job (aka me) has signed up to film a pilot for a new TV talk show.

I Know. I Know.

There will be no hiding in the bathrooms and breathing into paper bags for me this Saturday because I have agreed to sit in front of a live audience and discuss various topics including what you would do if you were caught having nookie by your kids.

Laugh away my lovely friends, or oven better come and laugh at my expense this weekend in real life if you are in Sydney, because the production company is looking for fabulous people like you to come and be in the audience and discuss this with us in person!

I have included the details at the bottom of this post for you, so if you are keen come along and join in the fun and throw a little moral support my way. Hey tickets are free and there is a free BBQ!

Man this has been a year of big changes for me.

Who would have thought that a mid life crisis would lead to something like this? I mean a maxed out credit card, new hair do and new neurosis - YES, but this is beyond even what I could have dreamed up. Seriously, who'd have thunk it?

I made a promise to myself last year on the eve of my birthday in Bali,  that in the coming year I would face my fears. I vowed to get in the ring with any new challenges thrown my way and trust that the universe will lead me in the direction I am meant to go in.

Now I have no idea if this is the direction that is mapped out for me long term... but I sure as hell am excited to give it a try in the meantime, and hopefully until I know, not make a complete ass of myself.

For those of you who can't make it this weekend, I would still love to hear from you via the comments...

Have you ever been caught in the act by your kids? If so, what did you do or say?