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Tuesday 27 May 2014

A Totally Rad Birthday Party - For BIG Kids

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I went to the most fabulous birthday party on the weekend for a gorgeous friend Virginia. But this was a birthday party like no other I have been to... except I think when I was about 7, but even then it wasn't as good as this one.

I knew from the moment I received the invitation that this was going to be the birthday party one does not want to miss.

You see this was a party with a twist. This party would see 18 giggly boisterous and totally tipsy women stepping back in time and heading back to school. Art school no less!

Yep Virginia was holding her party at an art studio where us the guests were adorned with hilarious aprons and fed copious amounts of cocktails and nom noms before a paint brush was placed in our hands and we were asked to create a special artwork for the birthday girl.

How cool is that?

I mean seriously - what a totally awesome idea for a birthday party.

After cheering each other on and letting our inner Picasso wannabes go to town, Virginia presented us with these...

These were the mother of all goody bags. These gifts for her guests goes just a tiny part of the way to explain what a truly generous and beautiful person Virginia is.

These were the goody bags that leaves all goody bags for dead and Virginia had spent God knows how long hunting down the most hilarious treats to go into them.

There were all the faves we remember as kids - Cobbers and Golden Nuggets, Fags and Choo Choo bars! OMG do you remember Choo Choo bars?

And there were the treats that can be described no other way but legendary. I mean Bochox for crying out loud - the ultimate natural filler! And anti ageing pills that insist that you take them with cake.

Pure Genius!

With school done for the night, it was time to head off to dinner for more fabulous food, drink and plenty of off key singing and loud laughing.

The incredibly thoughtful attention to detail Virginia had put into this planning this special celebration didn't surprise me at all, for there is one thing I already knew about Virginia, and have known for quite some time now - this is a woman who loves life and embraces it with open arms and an open heart.

She cares deeply for both friends and strangers, she loves wholeheartedly and as I listened to the stories about Virginia shared amongst her friends that night, there was no doubt in my mind that this woman is loved just as deeply and wholeheartedly in return.

Happy Birthday Virginia. May you always live your life with such joy and wonder.

In fact, may we all.