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Friday 9 May 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hop - Celebrating The Good The Bad and The Magnificent

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I know that to many, Mother's Day is just another day manufactured by retailers. A day where the sentiment has been lost and replaced by a need to sell stuff and buy stuff under the guise of a gift for Mum.

I won't ever let it become that to me.

Because to me, Mother's Day is not about presents. Its not about getting the day off from doing housework and cooking or having a sleep in - although let it be known that if it weren't for the fact that we need to be at Rugby by 8am this Mother's Day, I would totally be cashing in on that sleep in option and brekkie in bed.

No, Mother's Day for me is about spending a day being grateful for the fact that I have a Mum and I am lucky enough myself to be a mum.

It is a day when I think about all the things my own Mother means to me. The lessons she has taught me, the sacrifices she made for me and the love she adorned upon me.

It is a day that I reflect upon my own mothering journey to date. A day that I think about what I have done and how I can continue to do.

It is also a day that I cut myself some slack and recognise the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect mother just as there is no such thing as a perfect child. For every hiccup and bump in the motherhood path there is an equal stretch of Mothering magnificence.

For every afternoon where things are crazy, there is too much that needs doing, too many tantrums and too many meltdowns - there are the nights where you get to sneak into their room and watch them as they peacefully dream and soak up some of their awesomeness.

For every wrestle between brothers that turns into a punch up - there are a hundreds of opportunities to witness kind acts and generous gestures.

For every exhausting tear and tantrum, there are those big goofy smiles, bright enough to melt every glacier in the Arctic region.

For every argument over dirty laundry, what to wear or how to dress, there are those gifted accessories made from macaroni and more love than there is room for in a single universe.

For every demand for food, TV, a lift somewhere, or something to spare someone from a death by boredom, there are the quiet moments with no demands for anything but a warm place upon your lap.

For every moment of heartache or worry, there are the hugs that remind you that despite the days where you feel like you have got this parenting thing oh so wrong... you've actually kind of done a good job after all. In fact you've done really good.

To all my fellow mums and mums to be, however you choose to celebrate and spend your day, I wish you the happiest of Mother's Days.

To those of you who are waiting, I send you much love and the promise that I will wish upon every shooting star that your turn will come very soon.

How do you plan on spending Mother's Day?

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