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Monday 12 May 2014

Twas Snot What I Expected!

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Mother's Day this year turned out to be very very different to what was planned in the original itinerary... but in a totally awesome way.

I went to bed on Saturday night expecting to be up bright and early and spending Mother's Day on double rugby duty.

After two nights of temperatures and playing pharmacist dosing out cough medicine, I was tired and beginning to cough up lungs myself, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed at the thought that there would be no Mother's Day sleep in and brekkie in bed.


Sunday dawned and I made my way downstairs where the kids screamed in panic "DAAAAAD! MUM'S AWAKE!! CLOSE YOUR EYES MUM!".

Doing as I was told, I promptly slapped a hand over my face, but not before I got a good whiff of the coffee brewing and something yummy cooking in the kitchen.

The kids quickly led me back upstairs to my bedroom where I was informed that due to the lack of sleep, coughs and snotty noses in our house, Dad had made the call that all sport was off.

I may have double fist punched the air when I heard that news, and as I dived back into my toasty bed, I for the first time ever thanked the Flu Gods for sending their germs our way.

Well played snot. Very well played.

With the distant melody of excited chatter, pots and pans clanking, and chunky coughing lulling me back to sleep, I dozed in that blissful way one does when a busy schedule has suddenly been cleared.

Suddenly, the noise erupts in my bedroom as the kids and hubby come crashing in armed with cuddles, gifts and the most scrummy breakfast ever.

This year I had asked the boys to make me something special rather than buy me anything from the shops. They broke the rules slightly and handed over a parcel containing fluffy new slippers, but it's a tradition in our house that every Mothers and Fathers Day Mum and Dad get new slippers... so who am I to argue with tradition.

What came next though was what made this the BEST Mothers Day ever.

One by one the kids handed over handmade cards, poems and letters. There was even a book of Samo Vouchers from my 9 year old Sam. The booklet contained handwritten coupons that entitle me among other things to 'One hour's Peace and Quiet',  'A Massage' and 'A whole day of him doing whatever I want him to do'.

The most awesome gift however was yet to come. With an extravagant "Tada", they presented me with a story board poster Titled: A Mother Story - Based on a true story, by Kai, Sam and Flynn.

The based on a true story bit made me completely crack up. The sentiment behind the pictures and words made my heart melt into one gigantic gooey mess.

That one poster complete with the most gorgeous drawings and misspelled words designed and created by all three of them together, is literally the most precious gift I have ever had the joy of receiving in my whole entire life.


Turns out the revised Mothers Day itinerary was a far better version then the planned one.

Hands down, the most awesome Mother's day ever - snot and all!

How did you spend Mother's Day?
Did you give or receive a gift that resulted in an explosion of gooey love?

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