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Wednesday 4 February 2015

A Dog's Breakfast

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I have no idea why the term ' a dog's breakfast' is used to describe something that looks like crap because I actually went to a dog's breakfast this morning and I have to tell you - it was purrrretty.

Yup, this morning my hot date and I headed into The Grounds at Alexandria to attend the launch of NexGard, a new monthly beef flavoured chewable flea and tick preventative.

As I was going on my own, I could only manage one dog and so I had to choose between Mad Max and the Chicken Sausage.

Say Whhaaaat?

That's like choosing between donuts and cake... kinda.

I ended up taking Mad Max because it was an hours car drive each way there and Milly the Chicken Sausage has never driven that long in a car before, where as Max has. Granted he was kind of in a charcoal coma after eating rat poison at a winery in Mudgee but never the less - bless his furry little soul - he has done the miles.

Milly looked kind of pissed when she realised she wasn't coming with us.

Sorry Milsy.

From the moment we arrived, Max was in seventh heaven living it up like a pampered pooch and mingling with celebrity vets Anthony and James from the Village Vets.

These two charming men are like the rock stars of the veterinary world and Max was playing it very cool indeed.

Where we live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, ticks are a huge issue. In fact, a deadly tick, the paralysis tick, is poisoning dogs all over the place in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland
Max has been struck down by paralysis ticks twice and the second time we thought he was a goner for sure.

Milly managed to get bitten within weeks of coming to live with us and it was touch and go with her too.

Between the two of them, we have probably paid out a couple of thousand dollars in vet bills for treatment for tick poisoning.

I know right! We are talking a Fijian holiday here people. But of course we would do it all over again given they are as much a part of the family as any of us humans are.

The dogs aren't the only ones in this household who have had a major run in with ticks. Four out of five of us can no longer roll a steak after we developed anaphylaxis to mammal meat from tick bites.

Yep, a pork chop could literally kill us because of those creepy feral ticks.

Sadly NexGard is not going to help us humans tackle a bacon and egg roll but it will help protect us from having to fork out another Fijian holiday in vet bills .. or worse - lose a beloved fur baby like my parents did to a tick.

Once a month give the dogs a treat and protect them from fleas and paralysis ticks?


On another note - exactly how have I not been to The Grounds at Alexandria before? This place is like some kind of inner city oasis and they have markets on weekends.

Did you hear me? MARKETS?

I freaking LOVE markets.

So that's next weekend sorted for us.

Sorry Carl. I know how much you love markets *insert eye roll here*.

Right, I have to go and appease this guilt of mine with the chicken sausage. I think the fact that she refuses to make eye contact with me means we are not on talking terms and I have some serious sucking up to do.

Happy Hump day you guys.

Are ticks a problem where you live?
Do you have any weird allergies in your family like we do?