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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Burning The Candle

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If you were to have a little nosey around my home it would be blatantly obvious to you that when I am crushing on something you sure as hell can tell what it is.

Our house is a shrine to my love of colour and flowers and cushions and washi tape and the one that literally hits you in the nose before you make it past the entry - is my life long love of candles.

I am obsessed with them, like a One Direction fan kind of obsessed and so I have them in pretty much every room of the house.

I light them up ritualistically every evening before my hubby hands me my end of the day tipple and I have also been known to light them during the day .. you know just because I can.

In my defence I am the only female in a house that has testosterone dripping off the walls. Except for the female dog, who is a dog and a desexed dog at that, and although I have absolutely nothing against desexed dogs and all that, I am not really going to call hr to the witness stand if I am ever called to trial over my obsession.

Man, exactly HOW do I manage to get so off track?

Anyway I thought I would share my top candles I am currently obsessing on... except for the Coco Lux one which I have ordered and am patiently stalking the postie for and the lavish Tom Dixon one because ... well... quite frankly that one will probably always remain just a dream cause simply put - I just can't afford it.

First world problems huh!

Do you have a thing for candles?
Which ones?
Anything else you are obsessing on lately?

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