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Friday 27 February 2015

Shitty Dinks and Lovely Links

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If I didn't have such a sore backside I would totally be doing the bum dance and slapping my own butt in celebration of the fact that it is Friday... and we made it in one piece.

No, I mean like literally made it in one piece.

I feel like I have done ten rounds with Tyson over the past 5 days complete with spectacular tumbles and some major tongue biting going on.

It's been a sad week on the interwebs this week after I witnessed some women tear shreds from a friend of mine on a Facebook parenting forum and then later in the week as another good friend and colleague made the decision to close down her blog due to the constant abuse she receives for putting herself out there and sharing openly and honestly.

What is happening people?

When did it become OK to be a shitty dink and cut people down just for kicks?

I know we as bloggers need to have a thick skin if we are going to share personal stuff on our blogs. I also know not everyone is going to agree with us or even like us for that matter and that we need to respect differing opinions to ours and gracefully accept any feedback - both good and bad.

But honestly some of the personal attacks I have seen go down lately... MAN there is no excuse or acceptable reason for that kind of stuff.

I saw this picture on Pinterest yesterday and I thought it pretty much summed it all up perfectly...

Anyway, I am not going to give any more energy to the crappy stuff of the week.

What's done is done and I only hope that we have seen the last of all the shitiness for a while.

Besides, there is far too much awesomeness to enjoy in the Aussie blogosphere that needs our attention.

Speaking of which...

I have decided that we need to celebrate the good stuff more often and so if it's alright with you, I thought I would include some lovely links each week in my Weekend Rewind post.

It's my way of saying thanks for the enjoyment I get from reading other people's blogs as well as sharing with you guys just some of the fabulous posts I have come across during the past week.

And so without any further drivel from me, here are this week's lovely links.

1. Ashlea from Glamour Coastal Living certainly didn't help me to stay focused on losing my ass this week - nope not  a bit, but if I am going to be tempted then it may as well be with this divine looking no bake chocolate Ferrero Cheesecake of hers.

2. Lisa from the Art of Joy guest posted over at Jess's  A  Little Part of The World and shared some fabulous tips on how to take better photos with your iPhone.

3. Katrina from Katrina Chambers Life & Design went all retro with her boys and did some awesome t'shirt tie dyeing which of course now MY boys are nagging me to do too... yeah thanks Katrina ;)

4. And again with the food porn - Kim from Land Of Zonkt has me wanting to make some fresh home made foccacia for the family this weekend. mmm I can smell it already.


Finally I am so excited that one of my besties in joining in as this week's Weekend Rewind guest host.

Say hello to Tessa, the head honcho of Down That Little Lane with whom I work (if you could call it work), my brekkie buddy, one of my partners in crime and most importantly the most beautiful loyal generous soul sister a girl could ever hope for.

Her toes are going to be curling when she reads my rambling about her and she will turn a glorious shade of beetroot because that is just who she is - far too modest for such an incredible woman.

You can have the pleasure of getting to know Tessa a little better for yourself through her blog here.

So that's it kids. That's this week all wrapped up. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go and sink my head into a big bucket of vodka.

Have a great weekend.

So what's cooking good looking? 

Any exciting plans for this weekend or anything you want to get off your chest about the week that's been?

Do share, I love a good natter.

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