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Thursday 12 February 2015

A Total Game Changer

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Fiona, Lisa, Jane, Melanie & Sarah.
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I had no idea when I put my hand up and said “yeah I’ll take a couple kids if you are offering”, exactly what I was signing up for.

Cook, cleaner, chauffer, snot clearer, butt wiper, teacher, seamstress, miracle worker, referee, security guard, costume maker, nurse, counselor, monster slayer and protector of the night.

Phew *wipes the brow*

There are a lot of different titles that fall under into the job description… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I lie.

I’m happy with pretty much all the bits that go with being a parent EXCEPT for the ‘Protector of the Night’ because guys… I LIKE MY SLEEP.

Over the years I have battled invisible dragons with Nerf guns, and I have sprayed closets and under the beds with magical monster spray.

I have checked behind the bookcase for mischievous goblins, hung dream catchers to catch nightmares, crystals to ward of the bogeyman and I have dripped magic sleeping potion onto pillows to lure the sandman.

I have tucked them in tight so no bed bugs could bite, I have rocked, I have sung and I have patted bums to sleep.

You know the drill right?

So is there anything more frustrating than sitting down on the couch with your pre bedtime rituals done and dusted - than to hear the thumpity thump of feet on the stairs and a little face appearing around the corner and asking for a drink, to go to the toilet, for you to wipe their nose, find their Angry bird stuffed toy they were given 2 birthdays ago or to ask a couple of questions like “How did God make Kangaroos” and “Does God poo?”.

I mean seriously – is there any wonder mums and dads draw straws over whose turn it is to put the kids to bed?

Two of my boys are experts at sleep avoidance. Both for different reasons.

One has troubles getting to sleep and is a little nervous about sleeping in the dark. The other one just has better things to do than go to sleep.

I have yet to figure out how to get around the sleep avoider but as for the other one … I have been sent a game changer people.

The Tranquil Turtle from Cloud b is a gorgeous plush toy that projects an aquamarine ocean wave movement onto the roof or the walls of your child’s room through the turtle's shell.

The movement can be stopped and restarted, and the light intensity of the projection can also be dimmed.

This super cute turtle plays calming ocean sounds and a soothing lullaby to help your sleep evader drift off into a peaceful sleep. Both sounds are volume adjustable and very very relaxing

Heck I want one in my room.

It even switches itself off after 23 minutes so you don’t need to remind yourself to go back in and turn it off and it is equipped with a long lasting LED light that provides up to 3000 hours of peaceful sleep.

Sorry, can I just repeat that… 3000 hours of peaceful sleep.


Total game changer!

My boys have been loving taking turns in having this little turtle in their room and instead of getting me up in the middle of the night when they wake up and can’t get back to sleep – they simply press the turtle and he soothes them back to sleep.

I love it.

I want to marry it.

No, not really. But I would like to recommend that every mother be given one of these when they give birth. It should be like compulsory or provided by the government or something because we all know that all parents want is a healthy happy baby… and sleep!

The Tranquil Turtle is made by Cloud b - the world’s leading manufacturer of products and accessories that help parents and children sleep and you can buy it for $78.95 online at the Cloud b website here.

I also happen to have FIVE of these gorgeous tranquil turtle for you guys to win. 

So fancy getting some sleep at your house? Well all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me;

What is the number one excuse used in your house by the kids for getting out of bed or not being able to sleep? 
How do you think the tranquil turtle could help your child?

This competition is open to Australian Residents only and is open now 
and closes Thursday 26/02/15 at 5.00pm AEST

For full terms and conditions please see here.

You can also follow Cloud b on Facebook here to keep up to date on new products and fun info for babies and kids.

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