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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Random Dribble

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Talk about Summer doing the dash on us this week. One week to go and it ups and bails without even a goodbye.

Although that being said looking at sky outside dumping buckets on us in Sydney, I don't feel so bad about being planted on the couch with a sore everything and Ellen and daytime news to keep me company.

Yesterday when the kids arrived home from school, I went to the door to greet them.

All good, do it every day and I know this house so well I could walk around it with my eyes closed.

What I didn't see however was the dog dribble on the floor and I stepped straight onto it, my foot slid out in front of me and BAM I landed on the tiles with a thud.

I know right - DOG DRIBBLE!

I mean what kind of flip stick slips on dog dribble?

I'm assuming or rather hoping it was only dog dribble. One of the dogs has a habit of dribbling at both ends when someone knocks on the door so I suspect there is a good chance it could have come from the other end  but my bruised and wounded ego just cant cope with the thought right now so we will stick with dog dribble.

Anyways, I was holding a full cup of coffee at the time when I fell, which of course the contents of which went frigging everywhere.

I was on the floor with one dog was licking me whilst the other was licking up the coffee, the bird was going apeshit and the kids were banging at the front door to be let in.

I called out to the kids to climb through the window and then I did the check.

You know... the check.

Am I alive and not floating above my body or towards the light?  Nup we're good.

Am I breathing OK? Yes

Any blood splattered? No

Any limbs bent in the wrong direction? Nope

Can I move my legs? Yes

Did I remember to series link Vanderpump Rules? Sure did!

Right. So with everything seemingly in order I climbed my way up off the floor but when I stood up -OUCH!! Everything on my right side hurt like buggery.

It didn't get much better as the night went on, in fact it got worse and I was assigned to the couch to concentrate on feeling sorry for myself.

I'm still here.

My big toe is now black and blue although God knows how I managed to hurt that when I fell . My ass and hip feel like I have been riding a camel for 14 days straight and my right arm and wrist and shoulder feels like they have been used in a Chinese burn championship.

I don't think anything is broken. Although if my wrist doesn't shrink in size by the time the hubby gets home he is threatening to take me to the hospital.

I loathe hospitals.

My accident prone family has funded at least one wing of our local hospital and I'm at the point that I am actually embarrassed to walk through those sliding doors because the poor staff there pretty much know us by name, date of birth and dinner menu options.

I'm sure they seeing us coming and go "oh man it's them again".

So anyway.

The beautiful Sarah from Lady Sadie's Emporium nominated me for an Inspiration Bloggers award which is one of those games where you over share about yourself and then nominate other bloggers to over share too - perfect really because I am a devoted over sharer and since I suddenly have some extra time on my hands.

So the rules say I need to tell you 7 random things about myself.. which is no easy feat really because there isn't a lot I haven't shared with you already, but we'll give it a burl anyways.

1. I'm a King sized klutz.
I mean - derrr - you kind of figured that out for yourselves didn't you? But the thing is I could fall over in a padded room and I would still do some damage - I am that clumsy.

2. I am addicted to buying music on iTunes. I blame it on Sound Hound. I hear a song in the car, at the shops, on a TV commercial and when I Sound Hound it - it gives me an option to buy the song. Which I do of course, because I am addicted to buying music and so its what I do and now my phone has virtually no memory left because it is all taken up by music.

3. I am a Candy crush lifer. Level 652 kids. Ah huh. Pretty impressive right? OK.. or not.

4. I am extremely superstitious. To the point that I have a zillion little rituals and things I do or say  you know... just in case and all that.

5. I'm afraid of feet. Yep feet. Put a foot near me and I get all squeamish and freak out. Unless it is a little chubby baby foot because for some reason I am totally immune to them.

6. I'm allergic to mammal meat. Like stab me with an epi pen kind of allergic. It's not that uncommon actually and my boys all have the same problem. We became allergic after being bitten by ticks.

7. I will only eat red and green gummi bears. Put a bowl of gummi bears in front of me and I will pick out every single red and green one and leave you with the rest. Its just a thing.

Now because I always get so paranoid about offending anyone by not nominating them for these kind of things, I am going to throw it out to you guys and challenge you to tell me at least one random thing about yourself. Share more by all means if you are feeling up for it.

Come on, entertain this sore and sorry invalid and distract me from my battered body.