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Monday 16 February 2015

DIY Tea Towel Wall Art - The LLH Home Makeover

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The entry makeover has been a little slow this past week. And when I mean slow I mean slower than a a box of rocks.

I did manage to get one project done and dusted though - yep siree - some new artwork for the wall.

I have been eyeing off some gorgeous works online but the problem is the budget is pretty much dry for this month after splashing out on the paint for the walls. So I was forced to improvise people and come up with something for as little as possible.

And improvise the butt off it I did with two artworks for under a hundred and forty bucks?


It is totally doable.

I framed me some tea towels. Yep tea towels wall art.

I have to confess I am a bit of a tea towel addict and so when I spied these ones in Bed Bath and Table a few weeks ago for $6.95 each I snatched them up knowing they would be perfect for... something... eventually.

They are kind of loose and quirky - much like the member of this household so I thought they would be the perfect fit for our entry way. Kind of like those family portraits people have hanging in their home, only not.

And here's the thing you gotta know about most tea towels -  they also fit the Ribba frame from IKEA perfectly.

Ah huh pretty cool huh? And so of course a visit to IKEA was totally *ahem* compulsory and two of those frames were tucked purposefully under the arm and came along for the ride.

If you want to frame tea towels, there are a couple of little tips and tricks you need to keep in mind to avoid any frustrating mid project meltdowns. Trust me - I learnt these things the hard way.

What you need

a tea towel of your choice
a can of spray adhesive
a rolling pin
sticky tape

Start by carefully cutting off the labels of as you so do not want them showing through when you tea towel is framed.

Using stick tape, fix your tea towel into position from the top end. You'll find the tea towel is usually slightly longer than the backing of the frame so fold it over the top of the frame and use the sticky tape on the back to hold it in place.

Give your backing board a good even spray of the adhesive and then carefully stretch your tea towel down over the adhesive and smooth with your hand.

Use a rolling pin to smooth out any bumps and to make sure your tea towel stretches all the way to each side of the backing board.

Now just carefully pop it in the frame and hang.

I couldn't help myself sorry - I had to insert a gratuitous shot of the hubby and his leveller thingy because um hellooo he was in a singlet and I was all phwoar.

That man does that to me.

So next on the list for the entry room makeover is I am going to make a hall table.

OK enough with the laughing already - I got enough of that from the hubby and my parents.

I can so do this!

I WILL do this!

Of course it means I need to relocate this yellow chest but I am sure I will find a handy home for it somewhere in the makeover.

I'm also thinking some little black stools would make the perfect seat to sit on when you need to pop some shoes on or when I am waiting for the kids to fart ass around when we are leaving for school.

Why are kids sooooo slowwwwww?

You can buy these tea towels online at Bed Bath and Table if you fancy them for yourself - the monkey is here and the bird is here.

So there you go - it may not have been such a waste of a week after all?

Have you framed any tea towels at your house?
What else have you framed we should all know about?
Are your kids painfully slow to get out the door?

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