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Thursday 11 June 2015

An Update on The Warehouse Refurb

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Hello you guys,

Just a quick one from me today as I need to get into the shower asap and start washing off the litre or two of paint I have somehow ended up wearing today.

If I have been a little quiet on the blog visiting this week, it's not because I am not super curious as to what you have all been getting up to - it has been because it is all systems go at the warehouse.

For the past eight days straight we have been on site at the DTLL Workshops warehouse painting, scrubbing and DIYing our dream space to bring it to life and despite the fact that our fingers are splintered and blistered and I somehow end up wearing more paint than I put on the walls or the furniture, we are happier than a pup with two tails decorating and creating.

The first room on our attack list was the kitchen and bathroom which were originally painted a God awful shade of mustardy vomit.  Think the pukiest colour of creamy mustardy yellow that you can possibly imagine and... well you would be getting kinda close.

Add few coats of white paint on the walls, a tile repaint and a mighty big blackboard wall and she is starting to look mighty purdy.

We are aiming to be open for business by the second week of July, but dang we have a lot to get done before then.

I'll be keeping you up to date on our progress here, but if you would like a closer look at all the various projects we are working on, including the awesome organic looking industrial shelves Tessa created in the kitchen for under $45 - then pop on over to our DTLL Workshops website for all the details.

You can also follow our progress on our instagram account here or Facebook page here

Later lovelies. Hope you are staying warm and dry.