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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Careful... Because When Your Back Is Turned...

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I have a real issue with fake people.

I'm not talking about the beautifully modified chiseled cheekbone d cups.. nuh uh, to them I say "good on you" because if I was brave enough I would totally be lining up to get my jelly belly tucked, have my lips plumped up a little and my boobs returned to where they are supposed to be.

Nope,  I am referring to those people who smile at you sweetly, court you and engage you in some seemingly heartfelt one on one conversation and then slice you into eeny meeny bite size pieces as soon as your back is turned.

The thing about these type of people is that they are SO transparent. The whole world can see through their show and yet they have themselves are convinced that they are clever enough to pull it off without anyone noticing.

Um duh!

You're not fooling anyone.

I have been burned by the fakeys in the past, used and discarded when I have served my purposed.

Just the other day I had a friend who was left completely shell shocked after she found out that a 'good' friend was not really such a good friend after all.

She was used and abused and left high and dry after she discovered that her 'friend' was not being so friendly behind her back.

'The Plastics' as termed by the movie Mean Girls usually have something about them that attracts others to them.

Their seemingly perfect charm can be like a light to a moth, a warm sun on a cold day and when they turn their attention on you - you feel wonderful and special... and then BOOM, they turn it off as fast as they turned it on and leave you whip lashed and wondering what the hell just happened.

They generally get away with it, because those who are happily still basking in their warm glow tend to protect them fiercely and the others who are a wise up to their antics, want nothing more to do with them.

You find these type of fakeys pretty much anywhere - at school, at Mother's group, in your social circles, at work and even online. They come in all manner of disguises but they all have one thing in common... they stink of insincerity and at the first whiff of ingenuity you should RUN and don't look back.

I have no idea why some people feel the need to wear two faces.

Maybe it's their own insecurity that breeds a need to mask their true selves.

Maybe they are just genuinely self centred and can't see past their own egos or perhaps they simply know no better and no one has ever called them out on it.

I'll keep trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but sure as hell I will also be keeping a wide berth from the fakeys.

Have you ever fallen victim to a fakey?
How's your radar, can you sniff a fakey out from a crowd?