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Thursday 4 June 2015

Fourteen Years Gone By

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Last night as he said goodnight, he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.. and in that very moment I realised - this beautiful boy of ours is no longer a child.

Our kisses have evolved over time and like the chapters of a book, each kiss represents a stage in our story so far.

From the very first kiss I placed upon his fresh newborn face, to the mush of hit and miss kisses that would land anywhere on my own face when he was a mere chubby babe.

The big wet sloppy kisses my little toddler would proudly plant on my lips, to the awkward pecks on the cheek delivered by an equally awkward preteen.

And to the kiss last night....

A nurturing kiss placed gently by a son on the forehead of his mother of whom he has grown taller than.

A kiss from a child who has self promoted himself into the role that sees him standing by his father as a protector of her and his younger siblings.

My heart both aches and swells.

It aches with the redundancy a mother feels when her children no longer need her as much as they used to and yet it swells with an abundance of pride at what a beautiful gentleman our precious child has become.

I am both nervous and hopeful at what lies ahead for our boy.

I can't help but question myself - have we done enough to arm him with everything he needs to face these teenage years?

Have we taught him enough to ensure he is equipped to make cautious decisions at a time where right and wrong are so precariously balanced as a choice?

Have we shown him enough love to carry him through the tougher times he may face, the times when we - the two people who love him most in this world - might naturally seem like we just don't 'get' him?

Have we told him enough how proud we are of him and how we are and always will be his number one supporters?

I hope we have.

I'm pretty sure we have.

But just to be sure;

Kai, your kindness and empathy you show others inspires me every single day.

Your laughter, your humour and the way you can recite the words of pretty much every movie and song that you have ever listened to or watched constantly blows my mind.

Your intelligence is a gift and it is a pleasure to watch the joy you find in learning about the world.

Use that gift to guide you but promise me that you will always listen to your heart.

You hope to one day be a Doctor, it has been your dream since you received your first plastic Drs kit at age 3 and insisted on forcing a Vegemite smeared plastic tongue press down my throat because "you're sick mummy and I will fix you'.

Whether this is the path you are destined to take, only the future will tell, but I have no doubt that your love of people and your kind heart will serve you well in whatever direction you take.

Thank you for fourteen years of joy Kai and Happy Birthday to you our precious young man.

I love you 'THAT times google flex'.