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Monday 1 June 2015

Our Very Own Masterchef Challenge and The Video We Couldn't Stop Laughing Through

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I am all for getting the kids into the kitchen and cooking, in fact I like to think of it as my gift to my future daughter in laws... or maybe that is just me trying to get out of having to cook. Whatever! Just as long as they dont ever see us all in this home video well all be good.

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We are a little obsessed with Masterchef around here.

Im not sure what it is that we like most about the show - the incredible food they, the fun we have cheering on our favourite contestants or the fact that we can spend a legitimate hour sitting on our couch watching and talking about food without an ounce of guilt.

Whatever it is, we are sold.

Now I am all for getting the kids in the kitchen and cooking. I think of it as my gift to my future daughter in laws... or maybe that is just me trying for an excuse to get out of cooking, because you know; busy day | too tired | no inspiration and all that.

Fortunately at least one and a half of my three boys have shown an interest in cooking so far.

The half a kid is probably more interested in conning his kitchen loving brother into finishing making whatever he has started cooking and has lost interest in, and the other one only knows how to make five varieties of egg and instant noodles- but its a start and you take the wins where you can get them.

The kids have been wanting to hold their own version of Masterchef - a kids versus kids version and so Sunday night was the perfect night for it given the hubby and I were exhausted from running them around to sport all weekend and what better way to take the night off from cooking than convincing them that this particular night was the perfect night to carry out the challenge.

All started well. The hubby and I sat on the couch clutching our coping cordial and hugging a fire extinguisher and the kids got to work in the kitchen.

It looked like they knew what they were doing - the younger one was making scrambled eggs and turkey ham and the older one was attempting some kind of French toast toasty concoction, when suddenly the teenager was all Bugger! Muuum, can you help?

No sorry, I cant I called out from my spectators seat on the couch. Im a judge, it wouldn't be fair I said perhaps a little too smugly.

The younger contestant started laughing as the teenager became increasingly frustrated and in the end, sympathy took over and made my way over to the kitchen to ask what was wrong.

Its just not working! the teenager protested and I can totally vouch for that because when I looked in the fry pan there was one big gooey mess of egg and bread where the French toast was supposed to be.

What on earth is that? I asked with an unbridled snort.

Its French toast, or at least it was supposed to be sulked the teenager.

By this stage the tears where beginning to fall down my face sadly for him they were tears of laughter and not sympathy.

OK so tell me what you did to get to here I encouraged as gently as I could knowing full well that I was standing on the edge of a full blown meltdown.

I dunno. I mixed some egg and milk and put my bread in the saucepan and then tipped I the egg and milk over the top of it. But it doesnt look like your French toast he whined.

Because you are supposed to soak the bread in the mixture, not just pour it over the bread in the fry pan you ning nong I offered as I retreated to my seat laughing. Id probably suggest you start again

And so he did and eventually they presented us with their creations ready for judging.

Now I didn't actually set out to make a video, but the whole thing was just too funny to not capture on film. So please excuse the shoddy camera work and the Hodge Podge of a production and please also pass a blind eye over the complete lack of stage make up and horrendous hair.

We are so doing that againbecause despite having to eat both plates of some ummm very interesting food, having a night off from cooking was pretty flipping awesome.

Masterchef, I owe you big time.

For the 6th year Coles have once again sponsored the new series of Masterchef on Channel 10 and throughout the series we will see the contestants shopping for their variety of ingredients in the Coles Masterchef pantry.

We would all like to feed our family (or have them feed us) like a Masterchef and whilst some of the masterpieces those clever cookies dish up on the show can look ahhh a little tricky for us regular home cooks. All of the recipes can be adopted along with the ingredients for less challenging meals we could comfortably attempt and to help us along you can find a whole load of recipes, videos and cooking tips on the Coles Masterchef page as well as a quiz for the die-hard Masterchef fans among us.

Dont forget there is no need to miss an episode of Masterchef because you were out doing the shopping - you can orderall your groceries online and have them delivered to your door and make sure you pick up your latest free copy of the Coles Magazine in store or the digital copy onlinehere which also includes ideas and recipes to help you feed your family like a Masterchef.

How are your kids in the kitchen?
Are you brave enough to let them in there?

Have you ever created your own version of Masterchef?