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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Aren't We All At Least a Little Self Conscious?

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I'm just going to lay it out there - There are so many things about myself that make me feel self conscious.

My wonky legs, the fact that I am such a short ass but what I lack in height I literally make up for in my ass, the way that when I smile one of my front teeth slightly overlaps another and how about when I laugh and sometimes a snort comes out.

Oh we can't forget about my less than attractive feet, extraordinary long toes and my uncanny ability to trip over anything and everything that falls in my immediate and not so immediate path.

I hate getting up to dance... especially if I am stone cold sober... gah I shudder at the mere thought, and although I can play the guitar and the piano and I can kind of sing OK too, I would be mortified if I had to do it in front of more than a handful of friends, and even that would require a few G&Ts first.

How I manage to even make it out of the house carrying all of those insecurities... I do not know!

I admire people who appear so completely unselfconscious and who look from the outside like they do not give two hoots about how the world sees them.

Being totally unselfconscious would be such an incredible gift to have don't you think? IF there is such a thing.

We all have something that makes us self conscious.. don't we?

Or don't we?

Now if I was that Anthony Robbins dude (motivational extraordinaire), I would probably at this point stand in front of you and with an extravagant gesture and a booming voice declare that the whole big hands big penis thing is a total myth.



I mean if I suddenly became Anthony Robbins then of course it would be one of the first things I checked out early on because... you know... well he has big hands so ummm...

But that's not necessarily what I would be telling you. Nope more likely it would be something more along the lines of this (insert deep voice) "Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear"... and then I would check the hand to penis ratio again to be sure.

The king of motivational speaking has really big hands... apparently, and yet I doubt he is self conscious of them.

But then I suppose why should he be self conscious of such a ridiculous detail... why should any of us be self conscious about any part of ourselves?

If our desires can enjoy a little dirty dancing with our fears, then why the hell don't we just join in?

In the interest of being brave and sharing amongst friends, as well as stopping those insecurities of ours from robbing us of our confidence through realising that most of us have a little wonky something, I'd love to know;

Is there any part of yourself that you are self conscious of?
Any talents you are holding back because you don't want to bring attention to yourself or something wonky?