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Friday 23 November 2012

Christmas Gift Wrap Storage Solutions for a Gift Wrapping Junkiee

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Today I thought we could have a bit of a natter about Christmas wrapping since it seems I am on a bit of a Christmas roll this week ... bahaha get it? ... on a roll ... wrapping paper roll ....


I tend to collect a lot of gift wrapping 'stuff' throughout the year. I buy it at the post Christmas sales, I order things throughout the year when I spot them on cute websites and at the first hint of tinsel in the Shops, I start twitching and my eyes go all squinty as they try and hunt down the cute gift wrap before it gets snapped up quickly by other like minded obsessives.

The truth is I love putting that little extra effort into the wrapping of a gift. For me it's not just about having some paper to cover the gift up before the big reveal. No sirree Jim Bob, the wrapping actually becomes part of the gift itself.

So a gift wrap Junkie like me tends to collect quite the stash right? And you may wonder where and how the heck she stores her supplies?

Well for starters, last month I spotted this carrier in the Ezibuy catalogue and I couldn't resist. It was like the ultimate medicine cabinet for a hypochondriac .... or something like that.

This thing is the most awesome sauce, as it keeps all the Christmas wrap and ribbons and tags and other random bits in the one handy carrier. It has space to store the sticky tape and scissors so when I am on a mad wrapping mission, I can just grab this little sucker, a cuppa or a glass of vino and my Gummi Bears (Yes I have other vices) and I can disappear off to my secret hidey-ho and wrap my little heart out.

Oh sweet Moses there are so many gorgeous gifts wraps and accessories available to choose from and so I don't get totally overwhelmed with all the choices on offer, I tend to choose a theme for the year and stick with it.

This Christmas in our house it is all about spicy reds and warm natural colours as well as the hand stamped natural Craft paper I plan on getting the kids involved in making.

The papers above came from a variety of different places including Bed Bath and Table, Alfresco Emporium and the markets I went to on the weekend. I like to buy bulk rolls of at least 5 metres as there is nothing worse than running out of paper mid pressie or running short before you have wrapped the entire stash.

If you are an OCD wrapper you will so get what I mean.

My obsession isn't just limited to Christmas time. I keep the year round gift wrapping stuff all stored together in a drawer in my craft cupboard and I corall all the embellishments and jars and cute buckets and containers that I use to wrap gifts in, on a shelf above where I can easily find and grab what I need quickly.

I realise a spare shelf or drawer in a family home to store all this stuff can be considered a bit of a luxury, so if you are a little tight on space, a cute basket or little vintage suitcase would work a treat.

I generally put a lot of thought into a gift and I adore nothing more than delighting in someones pleasure as they open my carefully wrapped packages to reveal what I have chosen for them. The wrapping is where the whole experience begins, it is designed to tempt and delight and build the excitement before the contents are finally revealed and a gorgeous wrap can make the most inexpensive gifts look really special.

I guess gift wrapping is a bit of a passion of mine. Kinda like knitting but not really.

I like it to look pretty, especially at Christmas time where I cant help but want everything to match or elegantly clash in a carelessly stylish way (FYI, I am yet to master the carelessly stylish clashing thing). Granted this passion could be viewed as a little obsessive, but hey who gets to choose their weaknesses?

Ummm OK - Can you believe I just wrote a whole post about my obsession for gift wrapping, right down to how I store my Christmas Gift wrap??? Clearly I have the Christmas Bug bad!

Are you a Rip and Tear or an Open with Care kind of gift opener?
Do you get as excited about Gift wrapping as I do?