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Friday 16 November 2012

It is a Bittersweet Victory

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It's hard to believe this little squidgen of mine is preparing to go out there and face that big old world on his own. No, I'm not kicking him out. Not yet anyway.

There is a seat at a table next year that has his name on it, and it is in that seat that his eyes will be opened to a world that I am not sure I am ready for him to experience yet.

He is my baby and school is so far beyond baby steps.

I thought I was ready for this. All those times I told myself that I couldn't wait until they were all at school, well right now I could eat those words and happily choke on them.

It is scary, to me not him, he's busting with excitement. There have been more and more times over the past month or two where I have felt my breath catch in my chest and my heart has started racing. It usually happens when I am quietly observing this little guy as he goes about his sweet innocent ways.

His life is about to change, he is about to change, and the train is leaving the station whether I am ready for it or not.

I now have to entrust him to other people who will play a hand in moulding him into the person he is destined to be. His world is about to explode with a whole palette of new colours and his mind will expand to absorb all the lessons that lay ahead for him.

We got him to this stage, without breaking him or causing any serious harm. It is a bittersweet victory.

If I am honest, that breath catching thing.... sometimes it hurts a little, but not in a really bad way. It is more like an aching reality that we are coming to the end of a chapter and we have no plans to create any new characters to introduce to the story that is us.

We are preparing Flynn for school life in the best way that we can. We talk about things like friends and sharing and acceptance. But it is hard to explain to a 5 year old that things won't always go the way they want them to, and that people are not like his little Lego men in that he cant make them do what he wants them to do, or always play the games he wants to play.

There are some things that he will just have to learn for himself and we ..... well we will have to learn to deal with that together.

As much as I am anxious, I am excited for him. I am excited for the new friendships, the adventures, and the so many wonderful memories he is going to make.

He will be fine, that I do know.

He has 2 big brothers looking out for him and most importantly he has a good heart, a kind soul and a sense of humour.

There is no better armour to face the world with.

Do you have a little one starting school next year?
How did you feel when your baby headed out into the world on their own?
Was it bittersweet or time to crack the bubbly and embrace the freedom?