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Wednesday 7 November 2012

When The Gene Pool Goes Beserko

Pin It Do you ever look at your children and think "you poor sweet child ..... you are more like me than I realised"???

I am really not surprised as I am *ahem* relatively bossy by nature so when all those little DNA thingies were sorting themselves out at the time my kids were in production, I am sure my little DNA dudettes were being awfully bossy to my husband's DNA dudes. 

My dudettes would have been flouncing all around the place, barking orders, organising everyone and making sure everything was neat and symmetrical  Meanwhile my husbands little guys were probably so bloody overwhelmed from all the drama going on that they hid in the corner with their "Yes Dear" shirts on and waited out the storm. 

By the time all my DNA were aboard the boat there wasn't much room left so my hubby's DNA drew straws and only a handful of the brave little buggers reluctantly climbed aboard. Thankfully they were the pick of his bunch and so most of the traits they got from him are desirable ones.

As I lovingly but often less than patiently observe my children, whether they are mid meltdown in the middle of the mall, arguing over who sets the dinner table best or lying in bed trying to convince me that school is indeed cancelled for the day due to unforeseen circumstances - I cant help but marvel in what could almost be perfect little clones of myself.

I know all their tricks and I can pre-empt their moods and outbursts. This annoys the crap out of them as they come to the realisation that there is not much they can pull over me, because hell's bells I wrote the damn program, faulty bugs and all!

Each of my three boys are very different and have inherited different personality traits of mine and the hubstars. It was kind of like someone took the weirdest and most wonderful of our ways, chucked them all in a big old cocktail shaker and poured out one hellava Margarita of Madness.

For my husband's and my own benefit as well as that of the kids future partners, I wanted to capture their personalities, as they are today so that I can compare them to the boys and men they become in the future once life has shaped them to what they are destined to be.

Kai (11) is a bossy perfectionist. But boy does he has the skill of delegation down pat. Whilst I like to have things done a certain way I will inevitably end up doing it myself to make sure it is done to my liking. Kai however has mastered the skill at a very young age of breaking a job into various roles and handing those roles out to others. I have no idea how he does it, but somehow he manages to convince people (usually his brothers) that they WANT to help him do his jobs and that his jobs are like the coolest jobs ever.

He is a sports mad social bee and longs to be friends with everyone. He cares deeply for people and feels great empathy for those around him. He is careful and cautious but at the same time both brave and strategic. He is a true gentleman and incredibly thoughtful and kind, something he most definitely got from his Dad.

Like me he is a curious little cat and obsesses about finding out more information on subjects that catch his attention. He and Google have met and they get on as well as Google and I do.

He he has only ever wanted to be a Doctor when he grows up and I am apparently going to be his receptionist.  He wants to illustrate books as a paid hobby.

Sammy (7) is as neurotic and particular as I am. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his temper as his armour. He can procrastinate better than his Dad and shares my love of poop and fart humour.

He is passionate, loyal and generous and loves whole heartedly.  He too has a great love of sports but dont let his small size fool you - he is ferocious on the soccer field and basketball courts.

I pity the poor woman that has to one day try and drag him out of bed every morning as he is as fond of his sleep as I am, but when he is awake he has the energy of a pocket rocket on roids.

He has expensive taste in food and is rather partial to a bit of Lobster and the best quality cheese. He is totally germophobic and just like me allows his anxiety to sometimes take charge.

He has an incredible soft spot for animals and is determined to have his own zoo one day. I am allowed to work there .... in the kiosk apparently.

Now Flynn (5) is the smiling assassin  His smile can light up the darkest of rooms but he is so full of BS. Just like I once told my school friends that Luke Skywalker was my brother, Flynn is lucky enough to have a Dad that is Santa.

He is a free spirit, fiercely independent and likes to be in control. One of his favorite sayings is "No - I'll do it!" (sounds very familiar right?).

Flynn is also a little social bee and loves to explore - usually lugging a bag of "Just in cases" which are the things he might or might not need in the case of emergency. These include objects such as pencils, notepads, tech decks, rocks, broken remote controls, Mini WWE wrestlers and a snack.

When Flynn grows up he is going to be either a Skater Dude or a gardener or indulge his passion for fashion and have a clothes shop. When he and Miley Cyrus get married they are going to live in a Winnebago in Byron Bay. His father and I are allowed to visit him but we have to bring our own tent.

This kid has totally inherited my clumsiness and rarely a day goes by when he doesn't come home from kindy with a new wound from walking into walls and falling over his own feet. He has a wonderfully dry sense of humour which thankfully helps him to see the funny side of all his mishaps.

I wish I could blame more of the less desirable traits my children have on my hubby, but anyone who knows my hubby and I know that he is typically the calmer, more even and more laid back of the two of us. 

So as I hide myself away in the corner of my bathroom at the end of a long day I really have no one to blame but myself as the apples didn't seem to fall far from the tree in our breeding program. 

In actual fact, I have a theory that my poor weary parents were secretly hiding in that tree of life, pegging those apples at me all the while singing "We told you - You''ll get Yours!" 

You're not wrong! I got mine alright, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

How did your Kids go with the DNA Lotto?
Are there any particular traits of yours you see in your kids that crack you up?