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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Christmas Gifts for Kindy PreSchool Teachers and a Giveaway from Emerald and Ella

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*** This Giveaway is now Closed ***
I cannot tell you how I have been busting to dive into all the fabulousness that is Christmas. For a number of reasons I have procrastinated this year. Too busy at work, too busy in general etc etc but none of these are really a good enough excuse to to prolong getting into something I get so much enjoyment out of.

If you have been reading Life Love and Hiccups for a while, you'll know I love getting my craft on and will use pretty much any occasion to get creative. I love giving gifts and possibly even more than the joy of gift giving, I adore gift wrapping. Christmas gives me the perfect opportunity to combine these great loves of mine.

Now if you are a parent you'll know that the list of gift recipients at this time of the year gets longer and longer with every child you have. I know its not compulsory, but there are always people in my children's lives that I feel deserve a little token of our appreciation for all they do for our kids throughout the year and School teachers and preschool teachers are at the top of that list.

I like my kids to get involved in the selection of gifts and for my school age boys that is fine and they each choose a special something for their teacher. But preschool teachers are a little harder. For one there are usually more of them (5 on our list for my son Flynn) and second of all, I am not so sure they would really be digging the tech decks that Flynn would choose for them given the opportunity.

So this year we chose some hand made Vanilla fragrant and Goats milk natural Soaps and I wanted to create some special little packages for the lovely girls at Flynn's Preschool.

What I used: 

Flat bottomed Craft Bags from Emerald and Ella (found here)
Strips of Wrapping Paper from Bed Bath and Table
Little Merry Christmas cards I made in PicMonkey and printed
Paper Doilies from Woolworths
Christmas decorated wooden pegs
Ribbon from bed Alfresco
Double sided sticky tape and Glue

I am not going to go into a step by step tutorial as the photos are pretty self explanatory. The main idea is to just get creative and have some good old fashioned crafting fun. Put some Christmas music on, make yourself comfy and get your Christmas on.

These little snow flakes are so easy to make and making them takes me back to being a kid where I used to make them by the bucket loads. They are something the kids can help you with, so long as you don't mind the tiny little pieces of paper you will find every where when they are finished.

Now this is not a post that is sponsored by Emerald and Ella, but I am a HUGE fan of their online store and their blog. I am always sharing their gorgeous pics on Facebook and Twitter so when the lovely Jane emailed me and asked me if I would like to giveaway some of pack containing some goodies from their awesome range - of course I said YES PLEASE!!!! After all Christmas is all about giving right, so what better way for me to celebrate than by giving one of you guys the opportunity to win something special.

To enter please make sure you complete both of these steps.
(and why not say hi and spread some Christmas cheer whilst you are there)
2. Leave me a comment here on this blog post telling me what is the most unusual gift you have ever received and perhaps even regifted?
BONUS ENTRY: You can get a bonus entry for sharing this post on your facebook and or twitter! Just make sure you tag @LifeLoveHiccups in your post so I know :)

Terms and Conditions
Competition is open to Australian residents only sorry.
This is a game of skill and I will select a winner based on the most creative answer.
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm Friday 30/11/12. 

This was a tough one to pick as some of the gifts were so sentimental and made me all mushy. The I had to laugh at Sonia from Natural New Age Mum when her hubby gave her a Pool Lounge for the pool they DON'T have. Then there was the Python eek, the phallic Candle and of course the Fried Grasshopper. But lace undies 3 sizes too small - from a work colleague??? Um yep - Maxabella deserves to win this one!


Maxabella  13 days ago

Your packages are so pretty! You clever lass.
Unusual gift? Why that would be the Kris Kringle gift I received from a male colleague three years ago... a pair of lace panties 3 sizes too small. It wasn't even a joke. Scarily, it wasn't even a joke. He did not understand the horror on everyone else's face when the package was opened. x

So what is the most unusual gift you have received? 

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