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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Making It Up to The Kids For a Moronic Mummy Moment

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You may have seen on Facebook last week my totally moronic Mummy moment number #45738 or something like that. If you missed it, let me share it with you.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend Santa's Magical Kingdom, now doesn't that just sound magical in itself? It was on at Richmond which although is a good hour and half drive from my house, I thought was totally worth it for the kids enjoyment, or at least for the mileage I could get out of the weeks leading up to the moment they would meet Santa and Mrs Claus.

Of course I worked it to the max. "Don't do that or I will tell Santa when we see him", "You have to be really good boys if you want to go and see Santa" and of course the old "If you punch your brothers Santa will see you and say oooo there's the naughty boys". Yep I gave it a good flogging.

Finally the day arrived. I finished work early and the kids dressed to impress the big guy. We all piled into the car for our epic drive to the promised magical kingdom. Somewhere along the way we decided we had better put the address in to the GPS so we could figure out where we were going and how long it would take us to get there.

The hubstar couldn't find the street name in our GPS, which is not unusual as it is a bit of a dinosaur, so I suggested he Google the address instead.

A few minutes later he piped up with this

"So. I have the address."

"Great, so how long will it take us to get there?" I enquired.

"Oh about 10 hours" he deadpanned.

I turned to look at him, confused with his attempt at humour.

"Its in Victoria Sonia" he said. "Only a SLIGHT problem considering we live in NSW".

At this point the kids were like REALLY excited. "We're going to Victoria". "Yayyy this is even better, thanks Mum".

Needless to say the tears flowed when the kids realised we weren't driving to Melbourne that night and we were not going to see Santa after all. My punishment was a trip to Maccas with an open menu and then home for a back to back Santa movie marathon. Fair game really.

So when I received the invitation to take the kids to the Ice Age 4 DVD launch and go cruising on the harbour on a Pirate Ship, I said "Hell Yeah"! Actually I said "yes please that would be lovely" but inside I was fist pumping at the opportunity to make it up to the kids.

I was surprised the hubby didn't ask me on the day if I was sure we were supposed to be headed to SYDNEY Harbour -  He didn't bless him. He kept his mouth shut.

So we headed off to Darling Harbour Aquarium to meet the Hausmann team and board the boat.
As we walked through Darling Harbour we were met with this awesome sight.

Yep hundreds, possibly thousands of Santas.

"Well Kids, I promised you Santa didn't I ?" I ever so smugly remarked.

"Wow we had better be on our really bestest behaviour" Flynn informed his brothers as he copped an eyeful of the Santa Swarm. I love that kid!

Now this was some kind of event. We boarded this spectacular ship where there were Pirates to greet us and everything. I may or may not have told the kids that there was a special plank that naughty kids have to walk. I really have to stop that right?


Sydney turned on the most spectacular weather for us and the harbour gleamed in the sun totally showing off.

We were joined by Sid one of the main characters from the movie. Were my kids excited to see Sid? Ummmm yeah! Excited is a slight understatement.

They got the kids and the hubby working on the boat. No lazy passengers on board that ship - except for me, I was very busy sipping cold lemonade and sunning myself while I took in the views.

They asked me if I wanted to climb the mast. I may have accidentally spat my lemonade on them when I laughed at the suggestion. The hubby didn't need to be asked twice. Showoff! :)

After the cruise we all retreated to the air conditioned comfort of the Aquarium for a special screening of Ice Age 4 - The continental Drift. The kids were plied with Popcorn and drinks and left to lounge all over the floor on comfy cushions whilst they watched the movie.

Us grown ups could sit back, relax and play with our iPhones. That said however I actually got completely sucked into the movie. It's an awesome film, the animations are fabulous and the story ticks all the boxes as far as kids movies go for me.Great storyline to keep the kids amused throughout and enough puns to keep the adults amused.

The latest Chapter in The ICE AGE franchise follows the old gang Manny, Sid and Diego on their latest world changing adventure, courtesy of Scat's age old pursuit of the cursed acorn.

Did I mention I had some fabulous company on the day?
Left to Right: Trish - My Little Drummer Boys, Emma - Emma's Brain, Me, The Captain, Tina - Tina Gray Dot Me, Kate - Woogsworld.
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is being released on Blu-Ray 3D & 2D and DVD today and it is a perfect stocking filler for Christmas. It is also available for download on Digital HD from iTunes.

Want more? Well there is also the Ice Age Village app that is available on iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads and Androids and when you purchase the Blu-ray or DVD you get 10,000 free coins (in-game currency) a special exclusive species and the chance to win an additional 10,000,000 free coins. That may not mean much to you but trust me on this, I saw my kids reaction and they were pretty damn enthusiastic about it.

Yep random photo from the day - my son being a bird. Ummmm every family has one right?

I have an extra copy of the special edition QUAD Play Ice Age 4 Movie and I am going to give one of you guys the chance to put it in your child's Christmas stocking. Or you can save it for a rainy day when they are doing your head in. Your choice!

Just leave me a comment about some moronic Mummy moment you have had. Any moment big or small, the aim is to just make me feel better about myself.

I will pick one winner who will be the person who makes me feel the most normal and I will send this prize out to you.

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Kelly Arndt  
Well, where do I start... I took my kids to school on the first day of the holidays last term...they thought it was funny, I could have done with a sleep in...On Book Week dress up day, I dressed my daughter as Jan Brady and was so proud of my efforts, only to be told by all and sundry that The Brady Bunch wasn't a book...I put my two year old son in my four year old daughter's undies one night instead of his nappy and he completely SOAKED his cot...I blame it all on Hubby being an interstate Truck Driver and me parenting four young children alone all week...perpetual 'Mummy Brain'!

Kelly, can you please email me with your address at

So come on - hit me with it. What's your most moronic Mummy moment?