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Monday 19 November 2012

The Weekend That Was

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I have to say I loved the weekend that just was. It was full to the brim of all of my most favourite things.

There are no tales of disaster to report as I didn't stuff up, trip up, oh and I pretty much didn't shut up for that matter either. It was a happy and relaxed kind of weekend and just what the Dr ordered after an emotional day on Friday at my babies school orientation.

I was in desperate need of some sunshine and shopping and even more desperate for some time to hang out with my family.
Saturday morning bright and early we hit Avalon Market day. Avalon is just a few suburbs away from where we live and these markets are insanely fabulous. Whole streets are blocked off to make way for stall after stall of arts and crafts and clothes and home wares and food and ..... phew pretty much everything and anything you can imagine.

Thankfully my brother's family lives just up the road from the markets and since we were all going together (My Mum included) we were guaranteed a place to park. Parking is the one thing that is a nightmare about these markets - the hoards of cars that descend upon this small beachside suburb. Traffic chaos with not a hint of over-exaggeration!

Avalon has the most amazing vibe and it kind of reminds me a lot of Byron Bay - but with a more suburban twist that comes with being closer to the big city. It has an amazing culture rich with arts and music and food.

And as for people watching, well I tell ya, you get all types here. There is many a wonderful place to plant your backside and grab a bite to eat and something to sip so a keen observer would most definitely NOT leave here disappointed.

We ambled along taking it all in, the sights, the smells, and the sounds. The taking our time bit was kind of forced as anyone that attempts to shop with kids knows it can be a very long slow process and patience is an absolute must. Patience and food or in actual fact patience and the promise of food "at the end of this street" or "just after this shop", are very handy bribes tools when dealing with squidgens.

The colours in the the streets are just amazing and even more so at this time of the year. All the Spring flowers are putting on a spectacular show and their sweet scents just waft along with the breeze. Hands down it is my favorite time of the year.

But the highlight of these markets for me was not the clothes, or the gorgeous home wares. Nor was it the flowers or the array of treats to tempt me. It was about the people watching, or more to the point- watching one particular person .... my gorgeous 11 year old niece Meg.

Meg is pretty much the daughter I don't have but always dreamed about having had I not been blessed with my beautiful boys. She and I share a love of so many different things including music, crafts, and shopping.

But Meg's love of music runs deeper than I could ever imagine and for all her love and dedication she has been rewarded with the most incredible talent. This girl can sing and it doesn't stop there, she also plays a mean guitar, flute and the piano too.

Meg's talent has not gone unnoticed and she is currently under the guidance of John Stone, the father of Angus and Julia Stone. Now I am no expert but I'm guessing that man knows a thing or two about music given the talented offspring he has produced.

For an 11 year old, Meg has the most wonderful calm and down to earth demeanor. She is incredibly humble and inspiring, and she always has been but none more so than watching her perform solo in front of all the crowds of people at Avalon Market Day.

Last week Meg absolutely astounded an audience as she performed the haunting Hallelujah at her school Musical night. She received a standing ovation and deservedly so. Please don't just take my word for it, do yourself a favour and Watch Meg Sing here.

I had goosebumps as I watched her perform at the markets and I blubbered ... I do that a lot with Meg. But to also see the crowd who was busy taking in all that there was to see, stop and stare in awe as she began to sing, was something I will never ever forget.

You will see more of Meg in the future. Of that I have no doubt.

What did you get up to this weekend?
Have you been to Avalon Markets?
Are there any other fabulous Sydney markets I should know about?
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