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Friday 2 November 2012

Win Yourself a Fabulous New Sony Xperia Phone. *GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED*

Pin It When my oldest son started going to the park by himself I nearly had kittens I was so nervous. He was 6 years old but he could have been 36 and I would still have been nervous those first few times. I should clarify that by going to the park by himeself I mean the park in our quiet little estate. The one that is of 30 metres away from our front door.

But he was 6 and compared to the rest of the world he just seemed so little. However he so desperately wanted to go over to the park and ride his bike out on the road with all the other neighbourhood kids and he begged and he begged.

Forget the fact that when I was his age I would disappear out on the street with all the other kids where we would roller skate and bike ride and go from house to house, only ever coming home when we were hungry or it got dark.

I wanted my kids to enjoy the same freedom and spontaneity of playing with the neighbourhood kids and that is part of the reason we bought this house in this quiet family friendly estate. But in the back of my mind there were all sorts of weirdos and whackos just waiting for me to leave my child alone for a second so that they could steal him away or tempt him to their car with boiled lollies.

Eventually I caved and after a hour long lecture on stranger danger we let him go out to play... on one condition. He would take a walkie talkie and I could contact him whenever I needed to. I know I could stand at the front door and watch him, but the walkie talkie gave me peace of mind.

He is 11 now and one of the most responsible kids I know and I trust him implicitly but I still get nervous. Apart from the fact that he has a life threatening anaphylaxic condition, I still worry when he is out of sight. When the bus home from school is running late I tend to go into meltdown mode and start pacing until I hear the front door open.

When he is at sports practice, (at 11 it is apparently not cool for mums to hang around anymore) I want to be able to reach him if there is an emergency ..... like an earthquake or a tidal wave or something where it is as equally important that I can contact him. (melodramatic much?)

A few weeks ago I was sent a Sony Xperia phone to review and as soon as I received it I sighed a big happy sigh full of relief. This phone was going to go with my son....everywhere! Once again I was a calm happy mama hovering comfortably in my helicopter.

Now this phone is pretty nifty I have to say - totally me proof in that it is scratch resistant, dust proof and you can drop it in a toilet and it will be fine (unlike my first iPhone that died a disgusting soggy death - RIP).

Now I am not going to pretend that I know much about the technical side of this phone other than it is a Google Android, plays really awesome quality video and music, takes perfect pics with its 5 megapixel 16 x zoom (I totally stole that info from the Sony site!) and downloads from the internet like super super fast.

It has a 6 hour 30 minute talk time and 45 hours music listening time. Ummmm remind me again why I gave it to my son? Ah yes cause the walkie talkies dont work when he is too far away, Oh and of course the paranoid mum syndrome!

My son however could tell you everything you need to know about how it operates - he figured it all out in under 10 minutes which means it is very user friendly or he is a Techy Geek!

You can see more info on this video here.

The fabulous people at Hausmann and Sony have given me an extra Sony Xperia phone to give away to 1 lucky reader so you can be a helicopter mum like me, or you could just  be normal and keep it for yourself. Whatever works for you.

Now all you have to do to have a chance to win this is tell us either how you managed to kill a phone or a funny story about a phone ...... or you can just tell how often you have to cut your toe nails whatever floats your boat really.

But this is a game of skill and I am going to let my son choose the winner, so entertain him, he is an 11 year old boy - he likes to be entertained.

Now for some of the boring details.

Terms and Conditions
Competition is open to Australian residents only sorry.
The winners will be selected by my son and it is a game of skill.
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm Friday 16/11/12. 

The winner will be announced on this post right here on my blog and will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner does not make contact me the prize will be redrawn and a new winner notified by email.


Congratulations Danielle can you please email me at with your details so we can organise your prize for you. Congratulations again!

*Disclaimer: I wasn't paid for this post. All opinions are my own or stolen from my son. We did receive a Sony Xperia to review.

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