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Thursday 29 November 2012

Someone let Martha Mudguts Out....Again.

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Look out - Mad Martha Mudguts has been at it again. Yup it seems I have gone a little Christmas Crafting crazy .... again. You know in all my spare time between the hours of midnight and 3am. No actually I have been hiding out in my Lady cave on the weekends putting things together for Christmas.

Let's just make it really clear in case you haven't noticed, I'm kinda in to Christmas in a pretty big way.

So every year in our family, my brother and I take it in turn hosting a big Christmas Eve get together with our two families, our parents and any Christmas orphans that care to join us.

We sit around and laugh and stuff our faces with delicious diet blowing food. We drink a little, drink a little more, walk around looking at the Christmas lights to try and wear off all the food and drink and then we come back home and squeeze a little more food or drink in. You get the gist.

Now it is very important that one goes completely over the top as far as decorating and hosting this shindig, or at least it is important when it's my year to host. Mainly because I love a good excuse to get all creative and also because I love a good excuse to get all creative. Point made.

One of the things I like to do is put out little gifts and table seating cards at every place on the table. Its more polite than me pointing fingers and saying "hey you, you sit there, you there and you there!"
The table gifts are a work in progress and I can't actually tell you what they are anyway until after Christmas Eve as most of my family read this blog. Hi Mum :). But I can show you what I have made as place cards this year.

Little treat boxes full of extra sugar, just in case I haven't provided enough sugar in the desserts to get the kids like really really high!

This year I filled little cellophane bags with Gourmet Jelly Beans from the Jelly Bean Factory. These were gifted to me and I figured I would share the love rather than let my kids go totally ape with them.

Just a heads up - I have some great Jelly Bean Factory Giveaways in the December Reviews and Giveaways post that is going live on Saturday. Actually I have heaps of Christmas Goodies for you in that post so I am kinda excited for Saturday to arrive so I can share them with you.

Every little bag was loaded up with half a cup of jelly beans - cause I am an obsessive control freak like that. My oldest son insisted on helping, though I'm not really sure how scoffing the supplies was help but meh, I was happy to let him play Martha with me.

I made some little labels up on the computer with all my guests names on them and printed them off on black cardboard. I am loving the Eraserdust font at the moment and  you can download it for free from here if you are interested.

Since I absolutely suck at cutting straight lines I like to use my paper cutter to cut out the little tags. That and I need to show my husband that I really do use all these toys I spend money on.

I got the Jelly Bean Scoffer working again to punch holes in the name cards. Gotta earn his keep!

And because the men in my family aren't really big on the sweet stuff, I loaded up their little parcels with Wasabi nuts. They burn the crap out of your tongue but they are really good in a super addictive way.

The little cupcake favour boxes came from Sweet Style and they come in a pack of 12 for $12.95.
You can find them at the Sweet Sstyle website here. You can also buy the cellophane bags there too.

These little guys took all of 40 minutes to make. Way too quick in my humble opinion as I had to come up with another excuse to stay locked away in my office. I'll share the other excuses with you next week.

Have you been getting all Martha Mudguts on me? What have you been making? 
I'd love you to share a link to your Christmas crafts in the comments section so we can all have a stickybeak.