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Wednesday 5 November 2014

10 Way To Make Your Home Smell Fresh...er

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Sweaty boy smell... need I say more?

Sorry you weren't eating were you?

Seriously it is right up there with pongy feet in my top list of things that make me gag. Also on the list would be dog farts, kid farts, husband farts, ham and egg sandwich left in a schoolbag over the holidays smell, deep fryer oil, dog poo on a hot day and prawn juice spilt on the carpet in the car smell.

You are really off your food now aren't you?

Sorry.... now would probably be a good time to introduce my all new revolutionary weight loss diet though right?


Although I am pretty sure if you bottled those odours above and took a big whiff before you ate anything, you would drop a dress size in no time. 

Hmmmm food for thought Sonia....

Actually I didn't come hear to waffle on about that today. I actually was going to have a massive whinge about how I had forgotten the way boys rooms smell all sweaty and gross during the warmer months and how I have been forced to de-stink the house of boy smells.

I remember a post I wrote for Kidspot earlier this year about how to make your home smell fresh and I thought for my sake... as well as anyone else dealing with sweaty kid odour, I would share the 10 ways to make your home smell fresh as well as a DIY room deodoriser I made a year or so back.

1.  Fresh flowers

Who could ever tire of looking at and smelling fresh flowers around the house? Pick some from your own garden, visit your local florists or supermarket, or do a midnight raid on your neighbour’s garden with a pair of secateurs … jokes … kinda. Just get your hands on some sweet-smelling flowers and scatter them in jars or vases around your home and left their fragrance waft.

2. Freshen sheets with essential oils

There are two ways I recommend adding essential oils to freshly washed sheets: If you use a clothes dryer, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to an old face washer and throw it into the dryer with your sheets. The heat of the dryer will diffuse the scent and transfer it to your sheets.
If you line dry, fill a spray bottle with water and add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil. Give the bottle a good shake and spritz the damp sheets with your fragrant mix. You can also use this spray on your mattress.

3. Candles

Light scented candles and breathe in the beautiful fragrance while you soak up the atmosphere.

4. Toast cinnamon

Before guests come over, make an aluminium foil basket filled with cinnamon and place it in the oven on low heat. Your guests will think you have been busy baking and will be hunting down those warm cookies that, um … don’t exist.

5. Use a fabric freshener spray

Freshen up your soft furnishings by spraying the crap out of them with a fabric deodoriser like Febreeze. Soft furnishings can become stale long before they are due to be washed, so a quick freshen up makes sense right? Right. 

Besides any one who has ever had a disaster when it comes to cleaning upholstery and curtains (like I have) will tell you that this is a far less painful way of freshening things up and you can use it safely on couches, curtains, rugs and cushions.

6. Get sweet-smelling cushions

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to a cotton wool ball and place it inside your cushion cover or pillow.

7. Dab vanilla extract on light bulbs

Dab a little vanilla extract onto your light bulbs. When you turn your lights on the heat will warm up the vanilla and have your room smelling divine in no time at all. Be warned though, the side effects can see you scoffing a tray full of custard tarts like no man should.

8. Add indoor plants

Plants are natural deodorisers, so scatter them around your home. Madonna lillies, palms and orchids are some of the best natural air purifiers.

9. Remove the Smell

Before you go calling Docs on me, let it be known I am not suggesting you pack up the hubby and children and shove them out the front door... although I'd be lying if I said the thought hasn't crossed my mind. 

No I mean look for the source of the smell and peg it. Is there a rug that has seen better days? A dog bed that is long past it's expiry date... and check under the kid's beds. Just saying!

10. Make your own room deodorisers

Make your own natural deodoriser to place in your kids’ bedrooms – especially smelly boy rooms. 
Bicarb soda absorbs the odour and if you scent if with essentials oils it not only kills the bad smells, it replaces them with a heavenly one instead. Just follow the instructions below to make your own room deodorisers.

What's your favourite way to de-stink the house?
What smells literally make you gag?

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