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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

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Every year we put up an advent calendar in our house. It's just one of the many over the top Christmassy things I like to do for the boys because... well I just do!

In fact we have two different types of advent calendars here.

See... I told you. Over the top right!

The squids have some gorgeous felt calendars that my mum made for each of them, which have little treats in them each day... you know like a snake or a lolly pop or some kind of tooth rotting joy.

The extra one I make each year for them has things in it like new decorations for the tree and Christmassy activities like reading a Christmas story or a trip to go and look at Christmas lights etc

Now I don't know about you.. but I reckon Christmas has snuck up on us pretty bloody quick this year and the advent calendar need to be up in like 11 days!.

11 flipping days!!!

I'm not ready!

So you know what I will be doing late at night over the next week. Yep wrapping up 24 little gifts and ideas and the pressure is on to have them extra special this year as I am going to be away for 10 of the days in the lead up to Christmas.


Don't even get me started on that fact... my leaky eyes cannot be stopped.

Last year I went with the red, white and brown theme and I hung the little packages on a bamboo ladder and the boys took it in turns each day opening the gift.

This year I am going to... actually I have no freaking idea what I am going to do yet. My brain isn't functioning and I'm going into panic mode. Hence why I have been trawling good old Pinterest for some ideas.

Here's a few gorgeous advent calendars I found by some clever clogs online... you know, just in case you too are feeling slightly panicked and grasping for ideas.

Do you do the advent Calendar thing?
What sort of things do you put in yours?
Care to share a pic in the comments below?