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Friday, 14 November 2014

Weekend Rewind - The Dirty Stop Out Edition

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Sweet love of God I am melting here.

About 10 minutes before I sat down to write this I had the bright idea to pop a bit of mascara and lippy on in an attempt to make me look half respectable for footy canteen duty... and I swear it is literally melting of my face into one big puddle of muck somewhere near my chin as I type.

It's hot people isnt it?

It's bloody hot and I am a nursing a wee bit of hangover which makes the heat about a zillion times more unbearable of course.

I'm bordering on delirious.

In fact boarding is probably too generous a word.

Did I mention I have been a dirty stop out this week? Not only did I spend practically a whole day celebrating my son's success at school by getting a head makeover, but I've been out to dinner, not once but TWICE with girlfriends this week as well.

I would never usually do that... go out on back to back school nights I mean. But hot diggety dang it was fun and totally made me feel like I was twenty again. Granted, a twenty year old with wrinkles and boobs somewhat further south than most twenty year old's boobs, but whatever.

We went to two different Mexican street food style restaurants on the beaches - Mexicano at Narrabeen and The Deck at Dee Why and I ate a bucket load of corn on the cob, drank more glasses of bubbly and caprioskas than I care to confess to and I have pretty much eaten my body weight in fish tacos.

All I can say for myself is... ahh... my bowels are working really well with all that fibre.

Anyways, I want to give a special shout out to my spunky Mr tonight. I don't think I tell him enough that I think he is every kind of awesome.

You are a hunk my dear hubstar and I love you to bits... and in case you are wondering, this declaration of love has absolutely nothing to do with me feeling guilty about going out without you twice this week even though you came home from work twice bearing gifts -  a bottle of gin, a new favourite mag and a bunch of flowers.

AND furthermore, it has nothing to do at all with the fact that I have sent the local ATMs into meltdown with all my reckless spending on Kaftans and sandals for my up and coming trip to Dubai...

Nothing at all.

I *ahem* promise.

I just think you are pretty damn special, that is all.

Speaking of cocktails... er that segue kinda sucked didn't it, because we weren't actually speaking about cocktails at all were we? Whatever. I'm gonna blame the heat for melting my brain as well as my face paint, and clearly my body is craving some sort of serious rehydration that only a cocktail could satisfy.

Somewhere deep inside my heat suffering hungover head is a mind that is playing tricks on me and just like a parched desert wanderer, I can practically see some kind of fabulous oasis on the horizon and there I am in my floaty kaftans and my feet in a bucket of cold water and a jug of Sangria and a camel laden with grapes.

Oh man I am torturing myself.

How can it be that I must endure 3 hours of canteen duty before I can strip off and sit in the pool with an icy cold hair of the dog???

Hey, did you know that Vanderpump Rules is back on our TV screens?  I'm a little more excited about that fact than I probably should be.

I know I know... you are blown away yet again by my intellectual choice of TV viewing right?

But seriously, is anyone else as infatuated with that train wreck of a show and those crazy bartenders / models / waitresses as I am?



Please don't leave me out here all alone with the crickets and my melting brain, an imaginary oasis and a Foxtel remote...

What's your number one go to hangover cure?
When was the last time you actually had a hangover?
Do you think Vanderpump rules is worthy of an hour of your time?
AM I making any sense at all? Any?

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