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Friday 28 November 2014

Weekend Rewind - Rule Breaking

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I've been a bit of a rule breaker this past week.

First of all I am going to break the first cardinal rule of blogging and say "I'm sorry I have been such a slack ass blogger this week."

I haven't replied to comments on the blog, and worse yet I haven't visited any blogs either. Heck I didn't even get a chance to read a single blog that linked up with last weekend's Rewind.

I'm sorry.

Please don't hate me.

I totally promise to do better this week.

This trip to Dubai has snuck up on me so quickly. In the past when I have gone on holidays, all I had to do was let my boss know "Hey dude, I'm going on holidays" and then off I went.

This time around though, I am my own boss and so there is no dude to dump the work on whilst I'm away.

I hadn't thought about that!

Then to add a little more pressure - it just so happens to be the busiest time of the year for my gorgeous clients and so I have been working around the clock to get all their work done before I go.

Then go on, throw into the mix the fact that Christmas is sniffing at our tails and I'm telling you - this little OCD control freak has been in quite a frenzy.

We had a huge weekend last weekend. One of those nights where you say "Bugger it all" and really let your hair down.

We had friends around for a Christmas dinner and ate far too much food, drank way too much champagne and laughed ourselves stupid. I even played the guitar and sang to my poor guests. Something I was cringing about the next morning when I remembered.

Yep, it's all fun and games on a night like that... until the next day when you are nursing a gigantic hangover.

So anyway - back to some more of the rule breaking I was talking about earlier....

On Sunday night, when I had recovered enough to leave the couch, I took my oldest boy to the movies with some friends.

He and I had dinner together at the restaurant downstairs before our friends met us.

We had a fabulous time, stuffing our faces and chatting about life in general until our friends arrived and I left Kai to finish up his meal with a mate and  went upstairs with the girls to buy our tickets for those big fancy reclining seats in the grand theatre.

I had been reliably informed that those chairs are like the ONLY way to see a movie when nursing a hangover, and I can happily report that fact to be true.

Anyway about half way through the movie, there I am curled up on the comfy chairs when suddenly I'm all "Oh holy crap!".

I just realised that I had walked out of the restaurant we had dinner at without paying.

Seriously, I left Kai and his friend there finishing his food whilst I went upstairs with my friends to get the tickets and then Kai just wandered on out and met us upstairs.

I had left my kid to do the runner on the dinner bill.

So I am sitting there in the movies have a panic attack which made my bladder start getting all "Hey you need to release me" and yet I couldn't go to the bathroom in case the owner of the restaurant was standing outside the cinema with the police ready to nab the crazy woman who made her son do a runner on the dinner bill. And then if they arrested me, my poor boy would be sitting inside the movie theatre with his pop corn and malteasers none the wiser to the fact that his Mum was in custody and his life was about to change because he would be forever doomed as the kid of a crook.

Or something like that.

Did I mention I'm a bit of a drama queen?

As some kind of weird self punishment thing (aka I was too chicken to leave the theatre) I held onto my bladder, and watched the rest of the movie. When we came out and saw that there were no police waiting for me, I went back downstairs to apologise and pay for my bill.

Yeahhhhh it kinda set the theme for the rest of the week to follow.

My brain is officially fried and my liver is struggling to process the amount of coffee I have thrown at it in an attempt to get through the week.

So anyways, that's where I have been and what I have been doing and goes part of the way to explain why I have been such a slack ass on the blogging front.

In case you were wondering - we saw The Mocking Jay at the movies. Man that Hemsworth dude is a bit of a spunk isn't he!

Have you seen the movie yet?
Ever done an accidental runner on dinner?

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