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Monday 10 November 2014

Stealing Back Time

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I ran into a friend when I was at the shops this morning and she asked me how I was doing?

Busy, really busy I replied before I smacked myself in the head and went Gah, Im so sorry! Like Im the only busy one in this world right?

I hate it whenever those words slip out of my mouth - Im busy

So what! 

EVERYone is busy these days and it seems to have become the stock standard answer in place of the simple old Good thank you.

When I do slip up and say it without thinking, I half expect whoever I am talking to, to ask me if I want a freaking medal or something, because well, you know - Ive just announced "Im busy" like it's a feat as triumphant as running a marathon or something, and there I am waiting for my thump on the back and a bit of “Heyyyy, well done you.

I say Im busy like its a good thing, something to be congratulated for.

The truth is I am so flipping OVER being busy, but until I learn to be better at saying no, its unlikely I will be any less busy for a while and I just need to go back to saying Good thank you.

Im working on it.

Im also working on not jamming every single minute of every single day with 'busy' stuff. 

I think it is a bit of a mindset thing and Im not quite there yet. So let's just call me a work in progress and Ill be happy with that.

There is only one thing I love more than a little bit of spare time built into my day and that would be if the spare time I have on my hands just so happens to be 'stolen time'.

You know - 'stolen time' - the time you snatch back from whatever it was you were supposed to be doing.

That gorgeous extra time you find yourself with when someone cancels on you and you are faced with the blissful conundrum of What do I do now? 

Or the extra time you gain when you *ahem* over exaggerate a child's condition and do the cancelling yourself . 

Yeah, OK I confess I have been known to do that once or twice in the past turn a kids sneeze into a full on cold or one loose poo (the kid's, not mine) suddenly becomes Gastro and well I couldn't possibly bring them anywhere near you in case you get sick. that kind of thing.

Stolen time is literally the best time that exists. It's better than a sneaky bite of your hubbys chocky bar in the fridge, or finding 11 red frogs in your $1 bag of 10 red frogs, or a sneaky sip of a G&T on a alcohol free day... not that I cheat like that of course... much

Let's face it - stolen time is so much sweeter than any other minute of the day could ever hope to be. 

Don't you think?

What would you do with the time if you managed to steal a few spare hours back for yourself?