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Thursday 6 November 2014

Road Testing... Sonia Style

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This post is brought to you by Coles
You know I am a bit of a junkie right?

A magazine junkie that is – sheesh *shaking head*

I spend far too much money on having magazines delivered to my letterbox and then they sit on my desk unwrapped and untouched, because God forbid NO ONE is allowed to turn a page of my magazines before me. They pretty much then sit there until I have time to sit down and read them….. Which is like NEVER!

Home Beautiful, Real Living, Frankie, Inside Out, House and Garden, Fete…. I have no shame, and clearly I have no self control either.

I have even started buying  foodie mags lately because bahahahaha I have discovered that I actually kinda like cooking. (But that’s just between you and me and the rest of the internet OK!

The hubby DOES NOT need to know!)

The thing that annoys me about foodie mags is; they always make those recipes seem so easy, which I can tell you is NOT always the case. I also hate the way you have to haul your ass to some bloody providore in a little back street of France to get some of the ingredients.

I mean really?

I’d happily go to France and explore the back streets, but to grab a bottle of something or other I need to make a bunch of tired and cranky kids their dinner?

Ummmm NO!

Part of the joy of my role as an ‘Everyday voice of Mums for Coles’, is getting my hands on the Coles Magazine before it lands in stores.

Talk about feeding my fetish for untouched pages.

Not only is the new look Coles Magazine free… yes FREE, it is packed to the brim with recipes that are even Sonia foolproof …for the most part anyway. It has tips to take the hard work out of feeding the family, decadent ideas for entertaining friends… and a load of tricks to make your life easy…er.

Oh, and did I mention Curtis is in it? Anyone else crushing on Curtis like I am right now?

God help me if I ever get to meet him… I would be a drooling incoherent mess!

Anyways, as you can probably figure out for yourself by all the foodie pics in this post, that I decided to road test some of the recipes in the November magazine… Sonia StyleBasically this means these recipes need to be foolproof to get my tick of approval.

As an everyday mum’s voice of Coles, I have an obligation to be honest with you guys about anything I endorse on this blog, so I wanted to see if their recipes really are as easy and as good as they make them out to be.

I spent the afternoon cooking the Pineapple, Lime and Coconut cake, the Honey & Ginger chicken & Wombok Salad and the Adults only Grapefruit and Lime Gin cocktails – all of which you can find the recipes for in the Coles Magazine November Issue.

And you know what? They are totally scoff worthy and are actually as easy to make as they claim to be … even after *ahem* a few too many tastings of the Gin cocktails.

The only issue I had was that I had no idea what Wombok was, and so I felt like a bit of an ass wondering around the fruit and veg section asking everyone and anyone “Wombok? Have you seen a Wombok?”

Turns out it is a Chinese cabbage. Who knew!

The kids scoffed down everything I cooked (after they picked the shallot off the chicken). The hubby was looking at me with a whole new form of appreciation, and the cake… OMG THE CAKE. 

The cake was to die for and was gone by dawn, which although it made me feel very smug and virtuous, I am pretty sure there is supposed to be some kind of moderation thing going on or something.


I’m claiming it as a win.

Just an FYI, you can actually download the Coles Magazine app to your iPad and it has a voice activated cook mode with an in built-timer to make cooking easier.

Fancy shmancy!

Now I can look like I actually know what I am doing in the kitchen for a change.

What about you – Are you a magazine Junkie?
Do you ever actually attempt any of the recipes in magazines?
What’s your success rate?