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Friday 7 November 2014

Weekend Rewind - My Latest Premonition

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The thing I love about my precious computer is that is gives me access to you guys and YOU guys are like this incredible big ocean of information and advice. You are what it would be like if Google had sex with Yahoo and made like a whole load of baby internet search engines.

Or something like that.

I put the following update on my Facebook page earlier this morning as I woke up this morning with a premonition. I am going to be a world renowned Suburban backyard pineapple grower.

Original photo source

I knew you guys would come through for me. I just knew it!

You gave me some awesome tips for growing your own pineapples... you help me with my vocabulary - Asexual or Hermaphrodite fruit not transsexual fruit (thanks Tara & Steph). 

And then there was some awesome advice from you guys;

 "I've currently got 2 ready to be planted. Just cut the top off and put in a cup with water, wait for roots to develop and plant. can take up to 2-3 years for it to get big enough to grow a pineapple, but they look good in the garden. i had one almost ready to pick until the dog noticed it and thought it would make a great chew toy!!" - Samantha

"I do this all of the time. Twist the head off, peel off a few layers of the 'leaves'. Just so you have more to plant. Stick it in the dirt. Water occasionally and you are done. 
P.S it take a couple of years to grow, but you will get dozens of shoots of the original which you can also plant." - Julie

"I have a slight addiction to this.. Chopping off tops of pineapples and sticking in any old bowl.. They don't hardly need water either Ha ha Andrew hates it.. But it's so funny that these ones are like a year old. I put a bit of water in once a month maybe.. I'm an embarrassing gardener" - Mel

Look at Mel's Pineapple plants below. Talk about inspiring! 

I am buying a load of pineapples this week and creating an orchard.

And Rebecca even sent me a link to a You Tube tutorial on how to grow Pineapples from a pineapple. 

Man, is there nothing you can't learn how to do from You Tube these days?

Here's the video below, just in case you fancy becoming a bit of a back yard fruit grower yourself!

Have you ever tried to grow pineapples?
Did you have any luck?
What else can you grow from food scraps?
What have you learned to do from You Tube?

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