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Tuesday 11 November 2014

I think I'll be...

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I love asking my kids what they want to do with their lives when they grow up.

I mean obviously I want them to be healthy and live a life chocka block full of love and happiness...

But what do they want to be is the question I often ask of them and I adore the way their dreams frequently morph into something entirely different, from one season to the next.

In my bag of mixed nuts (pardon the boy pun) I have a 13 year old who dreams of being a Doctor. That's all he has ever wanted to do... apart from be a soccer star.

Whilst he studies medicine he is going to live with his cousin in an uber cool apartment, at Bondi Beach if he gets his way or a townhouse or flat in Surry Hills / Darlinghurst if she wins out.

Their apartment will be fitted out with furniture from IKEA and they will eat dinner at the outdoor tables of little restaurants as they watch traffic and people pass them by. They have pretty much every detail all mapped out.

I have no doubt he will achieve what he wants because he is if nothing else, totally determined and focused and somewhat pedantic... like his mother.

I also have a little nine year old horticulturalist slash animal lover, who hopes to one day work at a zoo. In his spare time, he plans on investing in the community by building community gardens on the tops of buildings in the city, you know, so that everyone who doesn't have a backyard can still grow flowers and vegetables and stuff and know what it is like to take care of those things.

This kid also dreams of releasing a series of books that will help other people, and with his first book currently with an illustrator (for real) his dreams could come sooner than he realises.

This sweet child of mine is sensitive, kind and thoughtful, so it is no surprise at all that he dreams of doing things that involves nurturing others.

And then finally I have one mighty free spirited seven year old, whose dreams are as large as his personality.

He wants to be a bare foot hippy, who ummm also happens to own a home wares shop and a gardening business and he will live in a Winnebago in Byron Bay.

We can visit him whenever we like... but we are not allowed to stay in the Winnebago. That is a privilege reserved for his Nanny only.

He wants to own a brightly coloured Kombi Van and make stuff in his spare time and he is determined that he will have big muscles and be independent and self sufficient.

God help his poor future wife  - who he insists will be totally happy living with him and the two kids he intends on having... in a van.

I expect their dreams will change many times between now and then, and that's a good thing isnt it, that nothing is set in stone yet?

I mean, surely now is just all about planting the seeds and seeing what grows.

Interests and hobbies could develop into careers, personality and quirks could become the basis for a way of life.

I change my mind a gazillion times about what I wanted be when I grew up.

I too once dreamt of being a Doctor, and I toyed with the idea of being a vet.  I also had visions of running a hotel and owning a cafe where I would be this crazy opinionated kind of character that sits at a table in the corner and drinks coffee all day whilst chatting to the customers.

I still change my mind to this day about what I want to be when I grow up...

I suppose it is because I am not done with growing up yet.

I still have seeds to plant and ideas to nurture, and when my kids laugh at me and say  "But you are already grown up Mum" I tell them "as long as I am alive, then I am still growing and it is never too late to change my mind about what I want to do with my life."

Fair enough right?

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?
What dreams do you have growing within your crop?
Are you doing what you imagined you would be ?