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Wednesday 12 November 2014

For The Win!

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You know when you have your day all planned out, you know what you are doing, where you are going and where you will end up and then BAM, just like that your plans change and suddenly you are doing something entirely different to what you thought?

Yep that!

This morning I had an appointment at school with one of my son's teachers to discuss his progress.

This gorgeous kid of mine is such a trooper. He has worked so damn hard to overcome his Dyspraxia and anxiety over the past few years. And not once has he felt sorry for himself. Not once has he said "I can't". And not once has he ever considered for even a single moment that he could not triumph over these issues.

And triumph he has.

As I waited at the coffee shop opposite our school for our 10.30 meeting... a zillion thoughts went through my head as I chugged back cup after cup of strong coffee.

Some of these thoughts included;

What are they going to tell me today?
Is he doing OK?
Are we going to have to undertake more therapy or extra coaching?
Have I drunk too much coffee and I'm gonnaspeakatamillionwordsperminute and those teachers are going to shake their heads at each other over their cups of tea at recess and say "Poor Kid"?
Are they going to insult my butt and make me sit on one of those chairs that are about 10 times too small for my ample derriere?

I got a little teary as I walked into the school. Not about the chair thing... I got teary just because.

This is nothing unusual really, given I have leaky eyes with a mind of their own that spill over whenever I am sad, nervous, happy or just good old emotional.

Pretty soon after the meeting started, the teachers pushed the box of tissues towards me. They know me well.

Turns out it was happy tears that were leaking from my eyes today. Happy tears to celebrate the fact that my sweet boy has done good, he has done very good. He is making so many leaps and bounds this year that he would send Aries Merritt running from the track in fear.

In case you are wondering who the hell this Aries dude is... he is the number one 100 metre hurdler in the world.... apparently.

I know this not because I am super smart and should be on one of those win a million bucks quiz shows or anything.

Nope no such luck.

I know because I just googled who is the best hurdler in the world?


My point is I walked out of that meeting fist pumping the air. I pumped the air for him. I pumped the air for us. And I pumped the air extra hard for every bloody parent who has worried or stressed over their child's progress at one stage or another.

For the win people, FOR THE WIN!

So on my way back to the car after the meeting, I did what any perfectly normal emotional mother would do (OK not every one). I detoured and went straight to the hairdressers and requested a new head.

I sat in that salon chair like a boss, reading trashy magazines, drinking more coffee and giving the hairdresser free reign to do whatever she wanted (within reason) to my head.

Turns out what they wanted to do was cut my hair way shorter into some sort of concave bob and begin the process of turning me blonde again.

"Meh, go for it" I said, "Why the hell not!"

And so that is how my day went entirely off track.

In a good way.

In the best way I could hope for.

Not only am I the proudest Mum in the world tonight, I am a proud mum with a funky new head that according to my 13 year old makes me look ummm "better"

... maybe younger?

Nah just better".

Again... for the win right? You take em when you can!

Have you ever spur of the moment cut and coloured your hair because you are emotional?
Do you suffer from irrationally leaky eyes?