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Thursday 17 November 2011

The Versatile Bloggers Award - Things you would notice about me if you saw me IRL

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I was nominated by the gorgeous Lee at Mummy Issue Part 2 for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Lee :) xx

So here is the deal. I need to share 5 random things that you would notice or think about me if you stumbled across me in real life. Then I get to pass this fabulous award on to 5 other gorgeous bloggers.

Here goes.

1. You may think I am on drugs. You see I smile ... a lot. Sometime it is of the manic is she listening to the voices in her head again type of smile and at other times it is more of a mellow I am content in my own little world kind of smile. Smiling makes me feel good, hides a multitude of emotions, and no matter how shitty you feel, if you smile for long enough, you amazingly start to feel kind of happy. Go figure!

2. Shock horror she doesn't have a Vodka in her hand. I know I talk a lot about my friend V. That's cause she really is one of the loves of my life. But contrary to popular belief V and I are not inseparable. I usually reserve her for after hours at the end of a loooong day and occasionally I take her out with me to parties and get togethers. But I do like wine too, and there are times fickle old me ditches V for the vino. More often than not - you WILL see a coffee in my hand though. A Soy flat white in case you are buying! ;)

3. I am a short ass. Yep 5 foot 3. If you want to catch a glimpse of me - keep your eyes down low, cause that's where you will find me. I cannot walk in heels without looking like a complete moron, so flats it is for me. :)

4. I look like the Pied Piper as I usually have extra kids in tow. I love my boys having their friends around. It creates noise - happy noise, laughter and fun. We very much have an open home policy and I love that our kids friends and our friends feel comfortable enough to pop in and hang around whenever it tickles their fancy.

5. My nails are always painted. I am lucky that I have really good strong fingernails, but I totally feel naked with out nail polish. So pretty much you will never see me without my nails being painted. Chipped nail polish at times? Oh yes indeed - but painted all the same. :)

Now I get to choose 5 other fabulous bloggers to pass this illustrious award on to. I love discovering new blogs and I also love to get to know some of my favourite bloggers a little better, so I am hoping these guys will be happy to play along so you can discover how fabulous they are for yourselves.

Beth at Achoo You
beccause she is totally new and I think we would all enjoy getting to know her :)
Sarah at A Beach Cottage 
becasue her blog is just a place you could spend hours at.
Julie at Mama of 2 Boys
because she is so sweet and her blog is such a happy place.
Carolyn at Desire Empire 
because her blog is completely intoxicating.
Clare at The Home She Made 
because everything about her and her blog is just totally fabulous!

While I am at it because I am so thankful that I no longer have to fork out for books because I have so many fabulous blogs to read instead, I am linking up to Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.