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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Trick or Treat - Yep I am weak!

Pin It OK OK I know we don't live in America, but I along with a trillion other mums (OK maybe a trillion is a slight exaggeration) have caved in to the kids demands and allowed them to dress up and walk the streets (under our supervision) and smile sweetly whilst requesting in the politest possible way for the neighbours to hand over some treats.

Why did I cave in you ask? Because I am weak dammit, weak weak weak -  that and the fact that I am partial to a bit of dress up fun with the kids.

I can remember when my oldest was a wee little 2 year old, so sweet and innocent and I vowed to my husband that I will never let our little boys play with plastic guns. Yeah that lasted a loooong time - NOT! They have quite the arsenal of Nerf guns and water guns now and I have accepted that it is OK to *ahem* change my mind once in a while.

I don't know - right or wrong, to be honest I cannot see the harm in allowing them to knock on the neighbours doors in our street for a little spot of trick or treating - as long as they share the loot. We live in an estate full of kids and we knew which neighbours were participating and were open to some little visitors so it wasnt like we were making pests of ourselves.

Of course we also made sure that they understand the tradition behind why they are dressing up. Whilst it is not a part of the Australian traditional culture, it does open their eyes to the beliefs of those in other parts of the world and that can't be all bad right?

So we started the night off with a picnic of pizza on the front lawn and we handed out treats to all the other witches, Dracula's and goblins that came in search of goodies. My youngest was particularly delighted by a particular boy dressed as a demented barbie. Or as Flynn said - "Look its a boy Barbie"!

Once fed - we did a loop around the street, then came home and locked the treats away at the top of the cupboard to be rationed out at a later date (not so close to bedtime).

I was particularly humbled by a couple of kids from down the street who with their parents came trick or treating for canned goods to donate to a local shelter, and we happily handed over tins of baked bean and soup for their cause.

And the genius award goes to the family 2 doors down. They went Trick or Treating with their little ones early on in the evening, then went home and handed out most of the goodies they collected to the kids who then proceeded to knock on their door. Their 2 little boys got to participate in the fun without the complete sugar meltdowns that generally follow this event.


I even had a go at making some Ghost Poop which I had seen on a number of websites over the past week. The kids loved this!

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Did you participate in Halloween this year?
What did you or your kids go dressed as?

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