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Sunday 20 November 2011

Gorgeous Outdoor Living

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The problem with Pinterest is I can't stop Pinning. I go completely and totally Pin Crazy. Seriously My right hand clicks away like there is no tomorrow. I wonder if medical funds cover physio for Pinterest RSI?

This weekend has seen the most amazing weather in Sydney and we have been working away at enhancing our own backyard (and front yard) oasis. I will post some photos when we are finished.

My family are homebodies. We love nothing more than hanging out at home in the backyard, lounging around, swimming and eating. We have a big park across the road and the beach 2 minutes away and we do love spending time there, but home is ... well it is comfy and comfy is good right? Right!

So this week I am pinning some amazing backyards and gardens. These are the types of photos that you can just look at then close your eyes and totally imagine you are there. For me they evoke a feeling of being on holidays and totally inspire me to redo the garden yet again.

My hubby hates me looking at garden pics as he says his back aches in anticipation of the all the digging he knows I am going to ask him to do.

These are the most drool worthy pics I found on Pinterest. All these photos can be found on my Pinterest Outdoor / Garden board. Flick me an email if you need an invite to join Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed finding them.

P.S I am not joking about Pinterest RSI.

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