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Thursday 24 November 2011

Sneaky Tips for Hiding the Mess

Pin It I am a self confessed neat freak.

Borderline Obsessive really.

Hmmm Borderline?

Nope - let's just be completely honest here. I am so over that line. I am an out of control OCD clean freak!. There much better.

Now let's face it - the male specimen are not usually the neatest breed. My guys (hubby included) like to leave little piles of stuff everywhere. In their opinion, if it is in a pile, then it is neat.
In my opinion - they are so wrong and it drives me nuts.

So this little neat freak devised another little sneaky combat strategy to tame the mess and tackle the clutter.

I needed a new entrance table for our house. You know something to put your bag on and display some bits and pieces to make your home nice and welcoming when you enter it.

I hunted high and low for the perfect piece and whilst I was browsing the hall tables at good old Domayne I had a light bulb moment that screamed pure genius.

A little happy dance later and a few strange looks from bystanders, and I was negotiating a price on a fabulous buffet table, with drawers and cupboards. For us 3 doors / drawers was perfect as we have 3 kids.

The innocent looking entry unit

In the cupboard part I put a box with my child's name on it. This is known in our house as your tub.
Now every day my kids are responsible for picking up all their crap and putting it in their tub. Once a week, they have to empty their tubs and put the stuff back into their rooms.

Under the tubs is a little shelf that is the perfect place for them to put their school shoes and sports shoes as soon as they come in the house. No more hunting for missing shoes before school in the mornings.

The hidden tubs hides the clutter that would normally be strewn around the house.

As I mentioned this buffet unit has drawers too. Well my little guys like to get dressed for school downstairs as that is where we lay out their school clothes the night before. So every morning we had PJs strewn across the family room, left there for good old Mum to pick up and put away.

Now as part of their usual morning routine, the boys have to put their PJs in their drawers, ready for their showers later that evening. My 4 year old likes to just put everything in there, but for the moment that is fine by me, because whilst it is shoved in there, it is not sitting in a pile on the kitchen bench.

Oh the joy!! - My child actually putting things away in his drawer.

This is totally a KISS system (Keep it Simple Stupid), but hey it works. No more piles left around the house = a happy OCD Mama.

Scary looking but a totally Happy Mama - I have won this battle for now!

I am thankful for those little light bulb moments and the small mum victories that make our day!

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