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Friday 18 November 2011

The Lazy Gal's Guide to Laundry

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This week the laundry monster has reared it's ugly head and completely spewed piles and piles of laundry at me. Would you just look at this pile to be folded!!!

This is a major OHS issue as I could seriously have sunk into that heap and nobody would ever find me. I would be forever that missing girl on the back of the milk bottle (do they even do that any more??) Last seen dazed and confused in the laundry.

Now you should know by now, I am not really the person to come to for expert advice on organisation. I like to dabble in that area every now and then, but I will leave the serious stuff to the experts out there.

Nope I have my own unique type of advice. The useless as a bucket full of holes type of advice, that hopefully makes you smile and forget about the pile of washing threatening to drown you at any given moment... just for a little while anyway.

I have come up with an ingenious list (well I think anyway) to tackle that age old laundry back log.

1. Buy your kids and hubby / partner all black clothes. They can wear them for a whole week without showing up dirt. For extra daily freshness - equip each member with a can of Febreeze and instruct them to spray down their clothes last thing before they go to bed.

2. Buy yourself  heaps of really nice laundry baskets. You spread the laundry amongst all the baskets and it really looks like there is not much at all as the basket is only partially full. Besides, if you buy really fabulous baskets your eyes will be distracted as you admire those said baskets and you so wont even notice all the laundry inside them.

3. For a bulk whites wash that saves time and money throw all the white clothes in the spa (use a friends spa if you don't have one) and run it for 20 minutes. You will save electricity as you don't need to run it for as long as the washing machine, you don't need to do multiple loads and the chlorine and heat of the spa will leave your clothes sparkling white and smelling very very clean.

4. Donate clothes to charity. The less you have, the less you have to wash. The needy get some much needed clothes and you get to spend more time out of the laundry. It is totally a win/win situation for all.

5. Turn your laundry in to your lady den. Fit it out with a computer, your favourite mags, a bar fridge, tea and coffee facilities, a fully stocked choccie cupboard and a lock. Now you will never want to leave that room and you have the perfect excuse to explain your absence to your family - you were locked in the laundry attending to the mountain of things to do in there. (Just don't mention that laundry was only actually a very small part of the mountain of things to do).

6. Start a laundry swap with your friends or neighbours. Get at least 10 families to participate. The way this works is everyone gives their laundry to the washer of the week. Sure you have one week of total laundry pain but you get 9 weeks off in return.

7. Join a Nudist colony. No clothes = no washing.

8. If none of my suggestions are really your cup of tea and you are serious about being in control of the laundry pile, I suggest you just do a little bit of washing everyday, fold and put away every night and pray to the laundry Gods to have mercy on you.

So come on - please spill your top tips for staying on top of the laundry pile.

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