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Friday 11 November 2011

A bit of a Rant and a little Tongue Action on the side!

Pin It In the past week or two I have had some of my gorgeous bloggy friends rocked by some really nasty comments from people who hide behind the Anonymous Tag. These bloggers are seriously some of the nicest most genuine people I have ever been lucky enough to connect and their blogs are just as beautiful as them - so I just don't get it

Some of the crappy comments these bloggers have had have been really really personal and incredibly hurtful and some even had nothing at all to do with what the post was actually about.

Last night I received my first Anonymous comment that left me questioning why they felt they needed to leave a comment like that in the first place!

It wasn't that this comment was particularly nasty in any way. Actually it was really quite harmless and more one of those 'seriously why bother' type of comments. It was in response to my Not Quite Wordless Wednesday Post.

Like I said, it wasn't particularly mean at all and I suppose they had a good point. Anonymous simply said "You may have missed the point of Wordless Wednesday!" See pretty harmless really, as this was obviously in reference to the fact that there were words in my post. But Um Hellooo! If you have hung around here long enough - you would know I just can't shut up, so did you really expect anything less from me?

So to keep Anonymous happy, I have changed the title of that post to A Not Quite Wordless Wednesday! and if it really bothers you that much that you feel compelled to comment on my inclusion of words, I will try and keep my words to a minimum next time - no promises, but I'll try.

To the minority out there who do feel compelled to leave nasty comments on blogs I have this to say to you, just in case you stumble upon my blog one day and decide to give me a serving or two.

1. I appreciate and love that you have taken the time to come to my blog, really I am. But if you have nothing nice to say - please don't bother saying anything at all. If you don't like what the writer has written or posted, keep your thoughts to yourself and simply click away. No harm done, no one offended.

2. If you do feel compelled to throw something somewhat controversial into the ring, by all means do it, but please do it respectfully - I appreciate honest but thoughtful opinions.

3. Please don't hide behind an Anonymous label. Stand behind what you have said and allow others to see who it is that is making the comment. And puhlease, don't tell me it is too hard or time consuming to type in a name on your comment. If you have time to comment, you have time to put a name to your words.

4. This blog is my happy place, the place I escape to. So let it be said, if your comment makes me feel crap or doesn't actually contribute anything to the cause - I'll just delete it. No biggie in my book!

I love comments from my readers - they totally float my boat. And I am so humbled by the fact that anyone takes the time to visit let alone comment on my little old blog at all.

As I said before I just really don't get it. There are literally so many gorgeous blogs out there to read and I struggle to find the time to get through my faves let alone comment on as many as I would like to - So seriously, who really has the time to bother commenting with anything negative or nasty?

Any how, that's my 2 cents worth and enough said from me on this matter. I am not normally a 'ranty pants' type of person as Where's My Glow so fabulously puts it. I am more of a quiet, seethe in silence and hold a grudge forever kind of gal.

Now back to the normal program of whacko around here.

I have mentioned before that I have a habit of sticking my tongue out of the side of my mouth whenever I am concentrating or am excited about something. My hubby points it out to me all the time. "your tongue's out again" is a common statement in our household.

It seems 2 of my kids have inherited my trait too. Go figure - the wonder of genetics!

So I decided to do a little experiment. I sat outside with my ipad and my camera and started to read some of my favourite blogs. The idea being that as soon as I notice my tongue making its way to the side of my mouth, I would snap a picture.

It literally took me less than 2 minutes to capture this shot. And that got me thinking.... Do I walk around the shops with my tongue hanging out of my mouth???

Out of interest (cause I am totally a nosy parker) - I would love your response to the following questions.

Do you have any quirky habits when you are concentrating on something?
When you leave a comment on someones post - do you go back to check their reply?

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1 comment:

Anna Millie said...

Hi Sonia.
First things first: the nasty comments.
Totally agree with you. There's really no need to be nasty. And this is your space and therefore you get to decide what it's going to look like. I also agree with the anonymous thing. If you are going to comment, And feel strongly about what you have to say at least have the balls to leave your name with it. Personally, I'm more than happy for people to disagree with me, but yes, do it respectfully.
About the 'tics'. I tend to purse my lips when I'm concentrating. And hubby always points it out to me too. Sometimes when I catch mt reflection in a mirror, o horrified at how i look lol! And can't believe I look like that in public. But hey. I do have real friends, not just virtual ones so it can't be that bad. And finally, I am always and I mean ALWAYS interested in replies. And if it gets emailed to me then I read it. Only trouble is, if its not emailed to me then sometimes I forget to check it.
Wish they'd all get emailed to me.
So now that I've commented on your post, comment on mine dammit! :-p
And feel free to give negative feedback! And stick your name to it!

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