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Friday 4 November 2011

Just call me Quirky Toes

Pin It You gotta love the things that comes out of kids mouths.... or not!

Today in the car, Sam my 6 year old asked me what Quirky meant. Trying to find a way to explain it to him that was simple enough for him to grasp, I blurted out "it means weird and wonderful!"

Silent High Five to me - Good job Mum!

Fast track to this afternoon and it is pick up time. Standing outside Sam's classroom waiting for him to pile out amongst the wave of munchkins, I notice a few kids going out of their way oh so NOT subtly to look at my feet. Huh??? Strange children, I thought to myself.

So on the way home from school, Sam tells me that today he told his class that he knew what the word Quirky meant.

"Ohhh, what did you tell them it means?" I enquired excited that I may have won some brownie points with his teacher for my home schooling expertise.

"I told them my Mum has Quirky toes cause they are weird and wonderful".

*Ahem* thanks buddy! Like I didn't have enough of a foot phobia already.

Now I have to go into school wearing closed in shoes to protect my "Quirky" toes from feeling like a side show alley!

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Lisa jay said...

So funny! The embarrassment we suffer for our children hey ;)

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