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Friday 25 November 2011

Introducing Wonderful Weekends Blog Hop - Every Monday!

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What's not to love about weekends?

OK I guess it kind of sucks if you have to work, and I feel really sorry for you if you are one of those who do. But for the rest of us, it generally means freedom, fewer time restraints and precious time to spend with the family and friends.

I have a confession to make - I am a complete nosy parker. I love seeing what fabulous things people get up to on the weekends. I am always quizzing my friends about what they did, where they went etc.

You see, not only does it satisfy my curiosity, it inspires me. I love finding out about new places to visit and explore, new recipes to try out with the kids or on friends and crafts to have a go at. I am totally inspired by home reno's, room makeovers, gardens and table settings for dinner parties. You name it - I love it and I am pretty sure I am not alone in this.

So I decided what better way for us to share our ideas and our weekend adventures than a linky party celebrating all things to do with our wonderful weekends.

Mondays suck and they can more often than not be a bit of a downer coming off the back of a fabulous weekend. This way we get to extend our weekends a little longer - even if it is just in our memories or the plans we start to make for the following weekend.

So please join me on Mondays to celebrate Wonderful Weekends. Write about everything or anything that you did, made or discovered over the weekend.

And Look - I even made a button! For a total non tech head, that was quite a feat! You can find the code in my sidebar.

How to join in and Link up
  1. Follow Life Love and Hiccups cause I would totally love you to join the family :)
  2. Grab the Wonderful Weekends button and post it in your sidebar or in your Wonderful Weekends post.
  3. Add your post url to the linky thingy (totally a technical term) in the Wonderful Weekends Post which will be live every Monday on Life Love and Hiccups.
  4. For every one to get the most out of this Blog Hop, please remember to visit the other members. Enjoy and be inspired by their posts and share the comment love.

Please don't let me be a Nigel no friends. I hope to see you here next Monday :) 

Today I am linking up with one of the true legends of Linky Parties
Where's My Glow's Flog Yo Blog Friday which just happens to be over at Tis The Life today

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