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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Well Slap me Silly and Call me Billy ..... or perhaps Martha Mudguts!

Pin It Do you know that for years I have sewn everything by hand. Insane isn't it! Actually that was more of a statement than a question because I totally know it is insane.

Anyway on Thursday night I had this brainwave to make some bunting for the back deck for a party I was having on the weekend. I cut out 22 fabric triangles and set about sewing them....by hand!

My dear hubby looked at me struggling over the needle and thread with my tongue sticking out the side of my mouth in my trademark concentration pose and said to me "For God's sake Sonia - buy yourself a sewing machine will you!"

Well I so do not have to be told twice oh dutiful wife that I am. The next day on the way home from a work meeting, I picked myself up a little Singer I did!

Only nights ago I was admiring Jess from Diary of a SAHM's fabulous machine Betty, and now I am the proud owner of my own little mean lean sewing machine.

This is my chessy Sale of the Century shot.

My first project was to whip up the bunting for my party and it literally took me all of 38 minutes to be precise.

Slap me Silly and Call me Billy - where have you been all my life you gorgeous little machine.

So now I kind of fancy myself as a bit of a Martha and I have images of me just whipping up some new curtains and cushions.

I think my hubby may live to regret unleashing this beast in me when he is forced to wear the home made boardies I intend on making him as thanks for his generosity.

Do you want to see my first little project? No? Well I am so going to show you anyway :)

Tada!!! Presenting some party bunting and some cute little lunch bags for my 2 older boys. Oh the joy!

The bunting was really easy to make.
If you want to have a go yourself, here is some super simple instructions.

Cut out a triangle template and trace triangles onto some fabric. 
I cut out 22 for this project.

Fold your fabric over twice as if you were hemming it,
then sew a channel to thread your rope through.

Use a skewer to thread the cord through the channel.
I didn't sew the flags on to tape as I wanted to be able to use this bunting in different areas.
This way I can remove some of the flags if I don't want to hang it somewhere so wide.

And repeat, again and again and again.

And walah! You have just made your own party bunting.

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