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Thursday 3 November 2011

Thankful for my Sweet Smelling Obsessions

Pin It Do you know what testosterone smells like? Smelly feet, sweaty heads and lots of farts! Yup sounds inviting doesn't it!

So I am so thankful for scented candles and fresh flowers and their ability to evaporate stinky boy smells and create an oasis of calm and serenity. Yeah .... in this house? Who am I kidding!

That said, every Friday one of the nicer things to do on my to do list is get some fresh flowers. They may come from markets & shops I have visited that day or I simply nick them from the gardens of friends and family when I stop in for a cuppa. Sometimes on a lucky day they may come from my hubby.... sometimes.... it has been a little while though.... hint hint huni!

Living in an all male house makes me even more determined to have some girly stuff around the place and flowers and candles just do it for me.

I am totally addicted to Glasshouse candles and diffusers in Montego Bay, Tuberose and their new one which is Stasbourg - apple and cinnamon (smells super Christmasy that one!). Actually I am addicted to pretty much any other gorgeous candle too. No seriously I am like reeeeaaallllllly addicted.

In case you doubt how addicted I really am, I decided to photograph all the candles and flowers on display in our house right at this very moment.



Do ya think I am a little obsessed??????

So be warned. If you invite me for a coffee and I arrive with some secateurs in my hand - you know your garden is about to get a pruning...... Sonia Style!

What is your favourite housey thing or weekly splurge?

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Kate said...

Ooh gorgeous Sonia!

I was given a bunch of flowers out of the blue today by a beautiful friend. Love them, and it's doubly sweet as this time last year my 'birth space' (ie the family room) was filled with cut flowers awaiting the arrival of our babygirl.

I must start doing that again, beautiful things make my heart soar.

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